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Looking Your Best Begins With The Dress

We treat your gown with royal care so you can be sure to look your best on your big day. We can: 

Clean it, Press it, Alter it

... and all just in time for your wedding day.

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Your wedding dress needs to be absolutely perfect for your wedding

This means no stains on the hem line, no makeup stains, no perspiration stains, no loose threads, and no faulty zippers that can come as a result of a photo shoot, trying the dress on several times, or many hands handling the dress before the wedding. With all the last minute wedding preparations, you can't always be sure to get both timeliness and quality when it comes to cleaning and pressing your wedding gown

You might end up having to sacrifice one for the other and the result isn't the perfect dress you've dreamed of. Here's where we come in. Champion Wedding Gown Specialist is the only certified wedding gown specialist in Alabama. We use bride-tested and industry-proven expertise to ensure your gown is at its best at the wedding. We will also take care of your dress after the wedding, cleaning and preserving it to make it last for generations.

We do our gown cleanings ourselves so you can meet, talk to, and get to know the people who will handle your gown. This also means that your gown wouldn’t be shipped across the country and be handled by people you don’t know or trust. Even more importantly, we know how to care for your gown. We promise timeliness and quality or your money back.

100% International Guarentee
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    “It was extremely fast and the staff was kind and knowledgeable.”

    - Whitney Gorton, Birmingham

Every girl dreams of her picture perfect wedding day. We want to help you plan it.

Receive personalized and relevant wedding gown advice straight to your inbox. Our experts will reveal industry secrets about:

  • Picking your dress
  • Cost saving opportunities
  • Altering your dress
  • Altering your dress
  • Selecting dresses your bridesmaids (and mothers) will love
  • Caring for your gown before and after the Big Day
  • Avoiding the typical ways dresses get dirty on wedding days
  • Preserving your dress and making your memories last

We'll only ever send you information that's personalized and relevant to your situation and timeline.

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