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Wedding Dress Preservation Choices

Posted by David Whitehurst on October 7, 2015

You know it to be true: not all wedding gowns are created equal. As a result, not all wedding gown preservation choices are created equal either. What works for cleaning for one dress may not work for another, and often the factor that can change everything is the material. This is also true when selecting the best method for wedding gown preservation.

There are two ways to preserve your wedding gown...bagging or boxing.

The Do's and Don'ts of Bagging your Dress 

A common mistake brides make is having their wedding gown cleaned by a local dry cleaner, who may return it in the plastic dry cleaner bag we’ve all seen many times. While this may be the cheapest option, wedding gowns made from virtually any fabric will end up yellowing if they don't get air circulation, are stored where exposed to light or is kept in plastic. Clear plastic bags will fail all three of these rules.  Better local dry cleaners specializing in wedding gown preservation will often provide breathable gown bags that are great for transporting wedding gowns or for short-term storage.

Gown Seams Will Stretch When Hanging For Years

You might think that if your gown is lightweight there’s no reason it can’t simply hang on a hanger in a cool, dry place. The reality is that no matter how much your gown weighs, or how ornate it is, over time gravity will have a dastardly affect on the integrity of the gown. The longer it hangs, the bigger the concern is – and the greater the chances are that the seams will stretch.

So even when you have your gown cleaned and store it in a breathable gown bag, this is not the best method of long-term preserving your wedding gown.

Boxing Your Gown - Use A Museum-Quality Preservation Chest 

The best solution to wedding gown preservation is using a museum-quality preservation chest. This special 100% acid-free cardboard box allows air to circulate around the fabric which is essential for long-term preservation of the dress. It keeps light, including sun light and artificial lighting in your home, from causing fading over the years. And it requires less space in your closet.

Your local certified wedding gown specialist will have the better chests for effective bridal gown archiving.

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