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Crucial Tips on Bridal Dress Alterations

Posted by David Whitehurst on September 29, 2015

White-wedding-dressFinding the perfect bridal gown is a great start to ensuring your big day is extra special, but it isn't the only step. Bridal gown alterations can be a fun, yet stressful time as you move closer and closer to the main event. We've collected four tips that are sure to ease your anxiety and make your bridal gown alterations experience efficient, effortless and fun!

Tip # 1: Bring Your Undergarments and Shoes with You.

The alteration process is designed to ensure your dress fits you like a glove on the day of your wedding. Because of this, you'll want to bring all undergarments and your shoes with you when you try on your gown for alterations. Foundation garments should be brought for each fitting. They are an important part of the fitting process. 

Tip # 2: Consider a Dress Slightly Larger than your Normal Size

It is tempting to order a dress that is smaller than you need in hopes of losing weight before the big day, but this often doesn't end well. Experts suggest starting with a dress that slightly larger than you need, rather than smaller, as wedding dress sizes most often run smaller than the bride's street-clothes size. Remember, it is easier to take a gown in than it is to make a too-small dress fit properly. Starting off with a properly sized dress will make the bridal dress alterations process much easier for you and your seamstress.

Tip # 3: Stand Still

This may seem like an obvious one, but most soon-to-be brides are jittery. You might feel the urge to move, shift your weight or otherwise fidget during the bridal dress alterations process, but you'll be sorry if you do. Moving around can cause the dress to be fitted unevenly, which can lead to an improper fit on your wedding day. Listen closely for instructions from the fitter, too.

Tip #4: Take the Advice of the Professional

It isn't uncommon to want bridal dress alterations that make your dress unique, but there is only so much that can be done effectively and correctly. If your seamstress says an alteration can't be done, she's probably right. There is a limit to what can be changed without compromising the integrity of the dress. If you have your heart set on a particular alteration, do ask what can be done to accommodate the look you want, while preserving the integrity of the gown.  

And by the way, we provide professional bridal dress alterations in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Call 205.566.4120 for an appointment.

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