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3 Common Wedding Dress Storage Disasters

Posted by David Whitehurst on November 25, 2015

wedding-dress-168979_640Your wedding dress might just be the most symbolic dress that you will buy or wear in your lifetime. You will want to preserve it so that it can be worn again, either by yourself during a vow renewal ceremony or by a beloved family member on their special day. Or maybe you will want a family heirloom for generations in the future.

Finding the right wedding dress storage solution is vital if you want your dress to be kept in the same pristine condition as it was when you walked down the aisle.

Avoid Saying I Do To These Wedding Dress Storage Mistakes

Most of your time has been spent on deciding which dress you would wear during your ceremony, but now that your special day has passed you have questions on which wedding dress storage solution is right for you.

The following list contains the 3 most common wedding dress storage disasters that you need to avoid if you want to keep your dress in immaculate condition.

1. Don't Let Your Dress Hang Around

You may be tempted to hang your dress up in the back of your closet. This is not recommended because your dress will begin to sag and stretch over time. It is also not protected from curious hands when hanging in the closet. And will also lose a lot of available space id it's hanging in your closet.

2. Say NO To Plastic Bags

The most common wedding dress storage mistake is leaving your gown in the plastic bag from the boutique. You should never store fabrics in plastic because it attracts and retains moisture. Your dress will turn into a sponge that will collect mold and mildew, causing the fabric to rot and turn ugly colors.

3. Escape The Elements

Exposure to sunlight, air, heat, moisture (including high humidiity) and dust can prompt deterioration. It is important that you keep your dress in an area of your home that has a normal ambient temperature. Avoid using the attic or basement as to store your wedding dress, since the extreme changes in humidity and temperature can harm your gown.

Avoid Disaster - Find A Certified Wedding Gown Professional

Having your dress cleaned and preserved as soon as possible will ensures that your gown will be protected. Certified wedding gown specialists realize that all dresses are different, and their knowledge of distinctive textile structures will keep your dress looking great for years to come.

You do not want to take a gamble when it comes to preserving your gown for the next generation, so contact our wedding gown specialists in Birmingham, Alabama today at 205.588.4120.

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