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Your Biggest Keepsake: Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

Posted by David Whitehurst on September 18, 2015

Many women from childhood on think about how they want to look on their wedding day. They are inspired from movies they watch, friends or family they have watched make that walk down the aisle or gazed at the beauty of a dress displayed in a window. Your wedding dress is not just a dress for a special day, it is an idea you have built on and created in your mind for years. Your dress is an extension of your personality, one that when you put on tells people about who you are and it has to fit perfectly. This beautiful creation requires special care so it can retain that perfection you felt wearing it on your walk down the aisle. You need to find someone who will preserve your dress with the same care you took in choosing it. A certified wedding dress cleaning and preservation specialist is the best one who can ensure your dress is returned to and retains its beauty.

After that special day many brides place their gown in a plastic bag with the intention of taking it to the cleaners. These good intentions do not always take place right away. The dress finds itself in this bag for weeks sometimes months after the wedding day. This procrastination exposes your dress to harmful fumes from the plastic that can cause the dress to yellow. Ideally you should place your dress in the hands of a wedding dress cleaning and preservation specialist within days of your wedding. Many of the better bridal shops provide breathable wedding dress bags that are much safer than plastic.

There are many stains your dress may have suffered that are noticeable. There may have been food spilled on it, your hemline may have drug on the ground or a guest may have been exuberant in their affection and spilled a drink or transferred their make-up onto your dress. All of these cannot be seen immediately after the wedding but need to be removed promptly to avoid permanent damage. These stains are best detected by a certified wedding dress cleaning and preservation specialist. Stains from clear soda cannot be seen but will overtime yellow on the dress and body perspiration will turn the dress lining brittle.

Wedding dress cleaning and preservation specialists (find one near you with this link) not only will clean any noticeable and unnoticeable stains, they can ensure all the treasured beading and buttons remain in place and are secured. Your dress will receive the treasured treatment it deserves in their care.

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