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Look Great on Your Wedding Day: The Importance of Gown Cleaning and Pressing Before Your Event

Posted by David Whitehurst on September 23, 2015

wedding-dress-cleaners-4It's finally complete.  All the hours of shopping, looking through racks and trying on dresses is done.  You smiled, you laughed, you twirled, you glowed and perhaps shed a tear or two.  You found it.  'The One.'  Your dress.  The perfect wedding gown for your big day.

Now what?  You want to look like perfection; for your groom, for pictures, for family and friends, for yourself and because this is the day you have been dreaming about and planning for since the ring was slipped on your finger, maybe even before then.  This is the most important dress you will wear and it is vital to clean and press your gown before the big event. 

"But, why?" you may ask.  Why is wedding dress cleaning and pressing needed before your wedding?  You have selected your dress because it is perfect.  A reflection of who you are.  Every single detail is important.  Whether it's beautiful in its sheer simplicity or it is covered in detailed beading, lace, miles of tulle and gorgeous appliques, your dress needs to be cared for.  It needs to be cleaned, and cleaned properly.  The dress needs to sparkle, just like you. 

Cleaning and pressing are especially important if your gown was bought off the rack.  It's also important if you've tried it on half a dozen times or had photos made in the dress before the wedding day. Cleaning will insure it is the proper color; it will help remove any odors from sitting in the boutique or store room, remove body oil and any dust or miniscule spots.  Wedding dress cleaning is even more important if the dress is going to be stored for any length of time before your special day.  It ensures dust and oils do not set in and become permanent. 

A good pressing or steaming is also needed.  No bride wants pesky wrinkles or a dress which doesn't lie properly and make you look less than your most fabulous.  Pressing gives your gown the crisp, straight-off-the-runway finish needed to make you look and feel wonderfully beautiful.

Your special day will be here before you know it.  Enjoy every moment of the planning, the tastings, picking flowers and decor, writing vows and taking care of the dress of your dreams.

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