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Wedding Dress too Small? Dealing with a Sizing Crisis Before Your Wedding

Posted by David Whitehurst on October 21, 2015

10567892994_31d112d3a7When that perfect dress doesn't have the perfect fit.

When you've finally found that perfect dress you feel like the best day of your life is finally coming together. Then you go for that final fitting and find the wedding dress too small. Suddenly everything seems like it's falling apart and you now fear what was supposed to be that special day is ruined.

There are solutions to this problem, so before you let this unleash your emotions, let's look at some of the possible solutions. The first thing to check is the seam allowance. Most wedding gowns are sewn with enough seam allowance to increase them by one size. The typical dress will have a half-inch seam on each side allowing for the dress size to be increased.

If someone suggests that you convert the zippered back to a corset back, it would be a good idea to stay away from that suggestion. A corset back adds inches to the size of the dress; however it is done by moving the side seams forward which puts the dress out of line.

If there are not enough seams to let the dress out, then your second option is adding gussets. This is fabric inserted into a seam to add breadth. The gusset will reduce stress from tight-fitting areas; especially in the shoulders and underarms, and also add length to a hem.

If the seamstress you are working with does not have a close match to your dress's fabric available you can check with local fabric shops. The gusseting should match the dress. The trim or tucking, beading or lace will have to be re-added to make the complete look blend together.

Another option a seamstress may be able to perform is adding piecing to the zipper area. This can give you more breathing room. It may be difficult to find the matching fabric for this alteration; however, if done creatively it can have a finished look of a design set into the back.

When taking a wedding dress too small to have it refitted; take all your wedding-day accessories with you. The undergarments will affect the fit and feel of the gown so make sure those and your shoes are with you for the fitting. When you get the final fit you want it to be the one you will experience on that special day.

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