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How Long Does It Take To Do Wedding Dress Alterations?

Posted by David Whitehurst on February 10, 2010

I was recently asked about how quickly a Bride-To-Be from Pelham, Alabama could get wedding dress alterations completed.  She said she was working with a personal trainer and buffing up for the big occasion and she didn't want to have her wedding dress fitted until a month or less before the wedding.

While it obviously depends on the extent of alterations required on the wedding gown, we can complete routine hem and sleeve wedding dress alterations in a couple of days...and more extensive alterations in a week or two, depending on how available the Bride is for fitting sessions.  In other words, we will do whatever you need in order to meet your needs.  And we can handle last minute jobs... and we'll do it with a smile :)

Our wedding dress alterations specialist is a dress maker with many years of experience with all types of gowns and dresses, including wedding gowns and brides maids' dresses.  She can handle the needs of the entire wedding party

And by the way, we'll handle wedding dress alterations like this for Brides in Vestavia, Mountain Brook, Homewood, Hoover, Chelsea, Calera...or Pelham, Alabama because we're convenient to all of these areas in the Birmingham, Alabama area.  Along with wedding dress dry cleaning and wedding dress preservation and restoration, we can handle most any requirements for maintaining and altering your wedding gown.

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