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Your Wedding Dress or Bridesmaid Dress and Your Destination Wedding

Posted by David Whitehurst on February 28, 2010

Anytime you plan a destination wedding, be sure to consider the needs for transporting your Wedding Dress.  The same holds true for your Bridesmaid Dresses as well so these tips will work for both the Bride and the Bride's Maids.

The last thing you need for your destination wedding is to arrive safe and sound...but without your Wedding Dress (or your Bridesmaid Dress).  Talk about stress!  So if you plan on flying to your destination wedding, I urge you to pack your Wedding Dress as a carry on item.  If you don't have the right size suit case, I have high quality boxes with a handle that will fit in the airplane overhead compartments. Anytime you plan on transporting a bridal gown on a plane, plan ahead and avoid a disaster.

Yes, this will cause wrinkles that will need help.  But with airlines today, there is really not an alternative if you want to carry your Wedding Dress on the plane.  The airlines won't allow you to carry on a full-size "hang-up" bag like they used to (even if your gown could comfortably fit in one). 

If your wedding gown is going to be boxed for just a few hours, you may find that 15 to 30 minutes of steam in a closed bath room will release many of the wrinkles and save you some money.  You could also take a hand steamer with you...but be careful...don't get a silk gown wet. And sometimes the hotels in a popular destination wedding location may have the capability to help with this.  Just keep an eye on your gown. 

But if these alternatives aren't available or don't work and if the wrinkles are persistent, take your gown to a qualified wedding gown specialist once you arrive.  Make the arrangements with the wedding gown specialist before you arrive and be sure the specialist knows when you need your gown back.

If you are driving to the destination wedding site or if you drive to a cruise ship to go to your wedding, you can carry your wedding dress with you.  Layer it between two cotton sheets pinned on the edges and lay the gown across the luggage or in a back seat...wherever there is room.  Cruise ships usually have the ability to help with wrinkles in your gown...but I wouldn't depend on the cruise ship for a proper cleaning.  There is a big difference between cleaning a wedding gown and cleaning towels and sheets.  The cruise liners do a great job with cleaning linens!

 Let me know if you have any questions about this.  You may call me at 205.902.1093 (my cell phone) or reply to this post.  You may also reach me at



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