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The Wedding Dress And The Glass Slipper

Posted by David Whitehurst on March 31, 2010


I asked wife about what the wedding gown really means to the bride after a decade or two.  With our 40th anniversary approaching, Sherry is quite qualified to respond to this...but without her wedding gown.  That's right, we're in the wedding gown preservation business and we don't have her gown.  That's sad, but it's a fact. 

This is how she answered that question:

"The wedding dress to a bride is like the proverbial glass slipper to Cinderella. When you finally find the right wedding dress, nothing else seems to matter quite as much.  It becomes easier to pick out the cake, the invitations; even the menu is easier when you've found just the right wedding dress.  Like the glass slipper that fit just right, you'll know when you found just the right wedding dress.


Glass Slipper


"It doesn't matter if you're looking for second hand wedding gowns, brand new couture bridal gowns or even vintage bridal gowns passed down from family members.  When the dress is right, the feeling is right...wherever you get it.

"Looking for wedding dresses can be like finding the right man. There's one out there for every woman...but sometimes you have to really search and try on a bunch of them!  But be careful.  If you really like one and you put it back on the rack for others to try on while you're still looking, it might not be there when go back.  You'll know when you've found the right wedding dress...and the right man.

Bride's Shoes and Beautiful Wedding Dress

"Your wedding gown will absorb your wedding memories like a sponge.  Years from now, when you hold your gown again, these memories will come flooding back.  It's like a line from a John Denver song I remember...‘It will fill up your senses, like a night in the forest.

"That's the meaning, the emotion of a wedding dress to me. Maybe it's the months of planning for your wedding day, your relationship with your Maid of Honor, the emotions on the trip home after the honeymoon and much more.  From the broken beading on the wedding dress, to the grass stains from the outdoor reception, these memories never fade as long as you have that wedding dress. After your wedding dress is cleaned, repaired and preserved, the details of the day remain in your mind when you revisit your a night in the forest.

"And that's why we're in the business of preserving wedding memories through wedding dress cleaning and preservation in Birmingham, Alabama."

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