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Wedding Dresses: Choose the Right Size

Posted by David Whitehurst on April 5, 2010

Choosing the right size wedding dress will save you money and time. I don't mean the "right size" dress will fit you perfectly off the rack, since this almost never happens. I do mean you should select the size that will minimize wedding dress alterations.  And don't get me wrong here...I'm in the wedding dress alterations business.  But there is no point in spending money if not absolutely necessary.

Not the same size. 

Many brides, for whatever reason, insist on ordering a bridal gown in the same numeric size as their everyday clothing. These same brides are shocked to learn that their wedding gown alterations can cost hundreds of dollars.

Three Tips For Buying Your Wedding Dress 

Here are three tips from our dressmaker and a Birmingham wedding gown alterations specialist to help you choose wisely.  These ideas apply equally to bridesmaids dresses as they do to wedding dresses.

First, be prepared to order a size you might never have considered. Formal bridal gowns are designed to fit close to the body with little margin for error. The waist and hips are usually easier and less expensive to alter than the bust, so bust measurement is generally used to determine correct size. Dress styles vary, however, so it is wise to consult with an wedding dress alterations specialist before deciding which size to purchase. She might see that a particular style is easier to alter in one area than another. She may also direct you to a more flattering style of bridal gown for your figure. Don't feel insulted if she suggests a larger size. Professional wedding gown specialists really do want to get you into the optimal size so they can alter the gown to your satisfaction. If the size tag bothers you, the wedding gown alterations specialist will be happy to cut it out of the dress!

Second, be sure to try on your dress with the undergarments you plan to wear with the dress. Undergarments make a big difference in the fit of a bridal gown, and you will need those same undergarments for your alterations fittings. If you change bras or crinolines after ordering your dress, you may find that you need more alterations than you anticipated, although sometimes you may need fewer alterations, e.g. a fuller slip may make a hem unnecessary if you are already tall.

Finally, remember it is not about the size of the bridal gown; it is about the fit. Wearing a size 10 if you are a size 12 will not make you look smaller. Wedding gown specialists know that you look your personal best in a gown that fits you perfectly.

Follow this wisdom from an experienced Birmingham wedding gown alterations specialist and you'll look better...and save money. 

Our wedding gown alterations specialist is available by appointment in Vestavia Hills on Rocky Ridge Road and in Hoover at Highway 280 to help with your wedding dress and bridesmaids dress alterations needs.  Call us at 205.588.4120 for more information.

Next to you and your bridal shop, we're more interested in how you look in you wedding dress and your brides' maid dress than anyone else!  We specialize in last minute and emergency wedding dress alterations in Birmingham, Alabama.

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