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A Hot Time With The Wedding Gown...At The Altar!

Posted by David Whitehurst on April 11, 2010


A bride dreams of her wedding day for years. She imagines it will be perfect.  But it seems the old adage, "What can go wrong, will go wrong," is especially true at weddings.  Whenever you have a beautiful, pristine bridal gown, invariably it seems to be a pure canvass just waiting for a wedding dress disaster.  As a wedding gown specialist in Birmingham, Alabama providing wedding gown cleaning and preservation, I hear a lot stories.  Let me know your wedding disaster story to share with our readers.


A recently-married bride from Hoover, Alabama told me about her experience.  Like a lot of brides, she dreamt about the wedding dress she wanted for years before her wedding.  It just had to be a beautiful, southern belle ball gown, complete with wide-brimmed hat and tulle veil. So that is what she finally found.  It was truly the dress of her dreams and it was perfect in every way.

Her wedding day arrived and her gorgeous wedding dress fit perfectly.  She was a vision of white.  Everything was perfect - from the wonderful spring weather all the way to the bridal march that led her down the aisle. But that's when things began to change.

At the altar she handed her bouquet off to her maid-of-honor and stepped onto the platform to simultaneously light the single candle with her soon-to-be-husband. Wedding dresses are never easy to maneuver in, and hers was no exception. As the couple bent to touch the tips of their candles, she caught her heel on the gown's hem, causing her to lurch forward.  She grabbed for the table in front of her to steady herself and watched two seed pearl buttons pop off the sleeve of her dress, landing on the floor in front of her.  

Not thinking clearly (who really does right at this point in the ceremony?), she bent to pick them up and the edge of her veil came in contact with the candle flame. Her groom saw the panic in her eyes as a black hole widened on her veil. He quickly snuffed the fire with his fingers, but not before a silver dollar size black edged hole bloomed in the yards of white tulle.

Thankfully the rest of the ceremony went without a hitch. After the "I Do's" she was able to nab a pair of scissors and cut the black hole out of the veil and managed to hide the ragged edge before the reception.

A couple of weeks after the ceremony, she contacted us about her wedding gown preservation.  We discussed her wedding dess and learned about the veil.  We sewed the pearl buttons back on and we provided her wedding gown cleaning and preservation.  We could have made the appropriate wedding gown alterations to the tulle veil but the bride wanted to keep that memory just like it was.  Her wedding dress, her wide-brimmed hat...and her singed veil, are all preserved as her lasting wedding memories.


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