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Three Web Sites That Can Change Your Wedding Memories

Posted by David Whitehurst on April 17, 2010


With the huge majority of weddings being planned today on the Internet, here's a short list of great sites that can help you with the daunting task of planning and pulling off such a major life event...and creating your wedding memories.  Whether you plan to have 50 or 500 guests, everyone can benefit from the insight of others...and these sites will give you just that. And they're all free!  Take a look if you haven't already been to these useful resources

The Knot Logo...a wedding internet planning tool

The Knot has a ton of great resources. It's an overflowing source of guides, articles, and ideas. If you're looking for any little wedding tidbit, from wedding dresses to brides maids gifts, it can be found on The Knot. However, what separates The Knot from every other wedding website on the Internet is their forum. They have a very active forum on all things relating to weddings. From budget proportions and numbers, to making your own centerpieces, everything about weddings is discussed down to the smallest detail in those forums...and yes, even wedding gown cleaning and preservation. This is great for a bride who has an idea and wants to bounce it off others before implementing it at her wedding. The people on the forums are so obsessed with weddings. They may be getting married themselves or they may be experienced wedding planners. They are excited to jump in and help others out with their wedding planning. logo

The Wedding Details site has checklists, checklists and even more checklists. Every bride has literally a million little things to do. Being organized is the key to not going crazy. They have a time line for months in advanced, for the final month, and for the wedding day itself. You can print out all of their checklists and time lines for free and make a simple wedding planning binder. Check off each item as you go and know that you are on track. You will know that you are not letting anything slip through the cracks with this level of organization. This will keep you organized from the day you are proposed to until you are off on your honeymoon.

I'd add just one item to the checklists here.  Be sure to remember to take your wedding dress in to a certified wedding gown specialist for a wedding dress cleaning and preservation very soon after your wedding!

Martha Stewart Weddings

You can't go wrong with Martha Stewart. You can count on the fact that everything on that website is classy and gorgeous. Sometimes we think of Martha Stewart's style as too expensive and rich, but it is actually ideal for those on a tight budget. The website is full of do it yourself ideas that can be done on even a shoestring budget. Many of the do it yourself ideas are broken down step by step, so they are ideal even for those who do not consider themselves particularly crafty. They also have a "Real Weddings" section with photos of many couples' wedding. This section is a great source of ideas for a creative bride to implement at her custom wedding. You can't be accused of having a tacky wedding if Martha Stewart is your guide.

Be sure to see our listing on this site.  Look for wedding gown preservation in Birmingham Alabama.

Other Sites

There are tons of other sites.  And doubtless you have visited many of them.  But don't forget about the wedding blogs, including wedding care blogs like this one.  There's plenty of help out go on and create your wedding memories. 


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