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Questions on Wedding Dress Alterations...A Hem in One Week?

Posted by David Whitehurst on April 26, 2010


In follow up to my recent Wedding Gown Care blog posts, I've been asked several questions about wedding dress well as Bridesmaids Dress alterations.

Can you complete a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress hem in a week? 

My answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!  As a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist in Birmingham, Alabama, we are committed to getting what you need, when you need it...including a wedding gown hem.  This assumes an initial fitting and a final fitting without complicating factors like excessive layers, beading issues or other significant structural changes in the bridal gown.  But please call for an appointment for a fitting at 205.588.4120 and make sure we know when it's needed at the time you make your appointment.  But we can do it and we won't gouge you with extra charges for a rush job.

Shoot...we can do it in a day if you really need it that quick!


How long will it take to size a wedding dress?

My answer depends.  It depends on the wedding dress, the number of fittings required, how available you are for the fittings and the type of changes required with the bridal gown.  A simple wedding dress with a hem and/or sleeve change along with a change in the bodice and waist will usually take a minimum of two weeks (this assumes 3 fittings at one week apart).  But again, this is with a simple wedding gown.  It can...and often does...take longer.  See my earlier post about beads, layers, etc.


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