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Why Should I Keep My Wedding Dress?

Posted by David Whitehurst on May 2, 2010


A Bride from Vestavia Hills, Alabama recently asked me why she should keep her wedding dress.  That's a good question with more than one answer.  But it all boils down to CHOICES.  I told her to ask her Mom because I suspect her Mom would know why and she'd probably tell her the same thing I would tell her. 

Your Wedding Memories 

First, keep your wedding dress because you can re-live the ceremony.  The hours of planning, the fun, the engagement, the walk down the aisle, the flowers, the people, the dance, the challenges of planning for perhaps the biggest day of your life... will come back to you just by holding your wedding dress.  The memories will be stronger when holding your wedding dress.  If you dry clean and preserve your wedding dress, you will then have many choices you can make down thge road.

Your Daughter 

One choice you'll have is to give your wedding dress for your daughter...or perhaps for your wear at her wedding.  This is the the reason I hear most from Brides about why they decide to clean and preserve their wedding dress.  And maybe she WILL want to wear wear your wedding dress at her wedding...but maybe she won't.  Styles change.  Many Brides have a desire to make their own wedding image. 

Why else should a Bride keep her wedding dress?  If the style of your wedding gown is no longer in favor 20-plus years from now (note to Brides: this is a good reason to select a classic style wedding dress...they never go out of style) why else should a Bride want to keep her dress?

Get Creative 

Here are some other things you can do with your wedding dress:

30 Year Old Wedding DressBaptismal Gown Made From 30 Year Old Wedding Dress

  • If you don't expect your daughter or daughter-in-law to wear your dress one day, you can use the dress to make a Baptismal gown or a flower girl dress.  Here's a link to ideas about how to do this.  But you need to clean and preserve your wedding dress or this choice will, most likely, not be available.
  • Other creative ideas of things to make with your wedding dress...if you decide not to keep it (in its original form) include: ring bearer pillow, flower girl basket, communion dress, pillow case, baby bonnet, sachets, lingerie, wrap or shawl...even a Christmas tree skirt.
  • You can always sell your dress through a consignment shop or even give it to a family member.  But be sure to get it dry cleaned as soon after the wedding as possible.  Second hand wedding dresses are a great wedding dress solution for a lot of Brides today.
  • If you think you might want to sell your dress but you aren't sure, wait a few years before deciding for sure.  Just be sure to get your wedding dress dry cleaned and preserved so you have the choice.


Don't let your wedding gown rot in you closet, uncleaned, waiting to decide what to do with it.  There are plenty of choices you can make about your dress after your wedding.  But all the choices start with cleaning your wedding dress.  Unless you plan to sell your gown, you should also have it preserved.  You will keep it in better condition so you will have choices...because it's all about choices.

By the way, reusing (by your daughter) or recycling your wedding dress (as a second hand wedding dress at a consignment shop, or a Baptismal gown for your family) is an environmentally sound way to handle your wedding dress.  Letting it rot in your closet is such a waste.

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