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Protect Your Wedding Dress Before The Wedding - Six Easy Ideas

Posted by David Whitehurst on May 14, 2010

Of course you will do everything in your power to avoid spilling red wine on your gorgeous wedding gown during the wedding reception.  But what can you do to protect your wedding dress before your wedding day?

Here are my suggestions for protecting your wedding gown before the your wedding day will be perfect.

  1. Before your wedding, store your wedding gown where it will be protected from kids, pets, heat and moisture. There are many stories out there about all four of these culprits causing pre-wedding damage to a wedding dress.  Keep it in a protective covering before the wedding but remember to check it for wrinkles before the wedding so you can get it steamed pr pressed if needed.  Often the wrinkles will fall out on their own.

  2. When you unpack your gown, be sure to unpack it in a clean, uncluttered area away from food, children and pets. Be sure your hands are clean and dry and remove all jewelry when handling your bridal gown. 

  3. Remember to keep all labels and anything that came with the dress that covers care for the dress and fabrics used in the wedding dress. You'll need them later.  They'll help your wedding gown specialist clean your wedding dress. Please don't remove the care labels from your wedding dress.  If you don't have the labels, don't fret.  An experienced wedding gown specialist can determine the fabric and proper treatment in most cases...but it still helps to have the labels.

  4. Inspect your dress after your pictures for soil, especially on the hem lines on a floor-length wedding gown and around the collar from makeup.  Have the gown cleaned if necessary.

  5. Before your wedding, locate a qualified Wedding Gown Specialist and discuss your wedding gown cleaning and preservation. Be comfortable with the people who will be cleaning and preserving your wedding gown.  The best way to get that feeling of confidence is face-to-face discussion of the care for your wedding gown.  Don't do it over the phone.  Don't just take it to your local dry cleaner.  Take it to a Wedding Gown Specialist...someone who is qualified and experienced in wedding gown cleaning and preservation...someone who will clean the gown himself...not ship it to some distant, wedding gown mill.  Arrange to see your wedding dress before it is placed in the preservation chest.  Take a look at the problem areas...the grass or wine stains.  Make sure it is your dress being packaged.  That's the advantage of using a local wedding gown specialist.  That's why I'm in the wedding dress preservation business in Birmingham, Alabama.

  6. My final suggestion is to arrange for someone (your Mom, your Mother-in-Law, your Maid of Honor, your brother...anyone) to take your gown to your selected wedding gown specialist immediately after your wedding.  The sooner the expert receives your gown, the better are the chances that any problems can be corrected.  Have your wedding dress preservation done as soon as possible...because there are risks of leaving it hangling in your closet (remember the kids, pets, heat and moisture).

If you have any other ideas for wedding dress care before the wedding, please let me and the other readers of my blog know by responding to this post.

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