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Military Uniform Preservation - A Great Father's Day Gift

Posted by David Whitehurst on June 1, 2010

Whether it's Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day or my Dad's birthday, I think about the meaning of the military and service to our country. 

If you have a husband or other loved one who served in the military, think about how great it would be to preserve the memories associated with his or her military uniform. Consider getting your own military uniform preserved.  Don't let the memories fade over time; preserve modern or vintage military uniforms so they will last for generations. 

Even if the uniform is showing signs of deterioration, a military uniform is rugged and can often be returned closer to its original look with the correct procedures...and you can certainly stop the deterioration.  If the uniform is "recently retired," well, all the better.  You can preserve your military uniform for your children and grandchildren.

Military jackets and coats, battle dress and shirts and pants of all kind can be preserved.  Proper treatment will help vintage military uniforms retain their current color and help prevent damage from insects, heat and humidity.  Military uniform preservation can keep a contemporary military uniform looking practically new for generations.

All military uniforms and the many other garments of military service can be cleaned and preserved.  But you must be careful in how your store the vintage garments.

It's really pretty simple to protect a military uniform.  Here are five suggestions:

  1. Keep the uniform out of attics and basements where heat and humidity can destroy fabrics. 
  2. Keep the uniform out of constant sun to prevent fading,
  3. Keep the military uniform off the never know when a water leak or a pet could cause damage. 
  4. Avoid placing a vintage military uniform on a hanger for an extended time.  The seams will likely stretch.
  5. Get a military uniform cleaning and preservation by a qualified preservation specialist using museum care techniques and components.  Placing the uniform and preserving it properly in a museum-quality chest or in a properly framed shadow box are both great ways to honor our veterans.

Retaining the history of military service by a grandfather, father, brother, a son...or a daughter, mother, possible today by using modern museum garment-care techniques.  We will clean the military uniform and preserve it so it will be with the family for generations to come.

What a great Father's Day or birthday gift!  And don't forget the women of the military who served our country.  All of our military...Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard...deserve the remembrance of their service to our country.

We will clean and preserve all types of military fact, we would consider it an honor!  We are specialists in cleaning and preserving military uniforms of all vintages.

I wish I had my Dad's WW2 military uniforms.  He was a Marine, fought in the Pacific theater, was wounded and was awarded the Purple Heart...and I'm proud to be his son! 

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