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What Happens When I Break The Seal On My Wedding Dress Preservation Box?

Posted by David Whitehurst on June 6, 2010

Contrary to common belief, the seal on a wedding dress preservation chest does not protect the dress from air.  A dress that is vacuum sealed is likely to be ruined after just a few years.  In fact, for a wedding dress to be successfully preserved over many years, air must circulate around and through the gown. 

So why is a wedding dress preservation chest sealed?

The main reason is to keep pests away from your gown.  You certainly don't want moths getting to your wedding dress, depositing eggs and causing damage to your wedding dress as the larvae hatch.  Sealing the wedding chest helps.

But a properly cleaned and preserved wedding dress does not have to be sealed in order to last for generations.  Just make sure the preservation chest is protected from pests...the six and eight-legged versions (i.e., insects) and the two and four legged versions (i.e., kids and pets).

Yes, the seal can also help keep out kids and pets so don't forget about that advantage of sealing the chest.  But the preservation chest does not have to be sealed if you can protect it by storing it away from the reach of the kids and pets and away from insects.

But Happens If You Break The Seal?

While WE don't void our guarantee because the wedding dress preservation chest is opened, some other wedding gown cleaners will claim their guarantee is voided if seal is be sure to check first. If your wedding dress was cleaned and preserved by a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists (including us!), a broken seal does not void anything. Make sure your wedding dress preservation chest carries the AWGS seal.

Read more about our guarantees by following this link.

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