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Can I Hold My Wedding Dress After It's Preserved?

Posted by David Whitehurst on June 7, 2010

I have talked to several Brides, including one recently from Hoover, Alabama, about this emotional topic.  The Bride wanted to have her gown cleaned after her wedding.  However, she didn't want to place it in a wedding dress preservation chest.  She wanted her wedding dress to last for many years in case she has a daughter one day who might want to wear her wedding dress.  But she was adamant that she be able to hold and even try on her wedding dress (after the wedding) in order to re-live the memories of her wedding day.

The emotion associated with the dress and the thought that a Bride cannot hold her dress after preserving it make some Brides decide to delay proper care for the dress for several years. 

Our response to this issue is different from some other wedding gown cleaners.  We say you can hold...even try on...the wedding dress after it is cleaned.  But you need to be careful. And you need to know how to re-package the dress so that permanent creases do not form.

If you have already had your dress cleaned and preserved by another wedding gown other than Champion...check with them about their guarantee. Will your handling of the gown void any guarantee they may have offered when you had your wedding gown cleaned?  You don't want to lose the security the wedding gown specialist might provide.

If you must handle your wedding dress after it is cleaned and preserved, remember this important point:  Museum standards for preserving vintage garments includes limiting the handling of the garment.

So keep that in mind...less is better!

But you can handle your gown without damaging it. Here are a few suggestions:

• Wash your hands and wear cotton gloves when handling a clean gown (we'll provide you with a pair)

• Don't handle it excessively (remember, less is better)

• Be aware of makeup...don't hold it too close

• Be wary of children and dirty hands

  • Learn how to re-package the dress in the preservation chest (we'll show you)

If anyone wears the gown outside you'll likely need to get it cleaned again. 

When you clean, preserve and store your gown properly, it will last for generations.  But you don't have to put it away and never be able to re-live the wedding memories with your least not when Champion Wedding Gown Specialist handles your gown cleaning and preservation.

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