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What's The Cost Of Wedding Gown Alterations In Birmingham, AL?

Posted by David Whitehurst on October 28, 2010

Photo of Wedding Gown Alterations in Birmingham, AlabamaWhat Do Wedding Gown Alterations Cost in Birmingham, Alabama...And How Long Do They Take?

Here are the main areas normally requiring alterations for a wedding gown and the various factors influencing the price as I’ve experienced at Champion Wedding Gown Specialist in Birmingham, Alabama:

  • Length:  Most gowns need a hem. Hems to your wedding dress will typically range from $40 to $80, but this price range can increase depending on the style of the dress and how the dress fits the bride.  Styles can increase the cost based on the number of layers in the bridal dress, the fabric and the bottom finishing, such as beads.  Sometimes a bridal gown will require crinoline slips and these may also need hemming.  This would be an additional charge.
  • Bodice:  Bodice alterations on wedding gowns are normally done on the side seams. Simple bodice alterations will range in price from $40 to $80.  The main complicating factors to gown bodice alterations are the number of layers and the trim.  Corsets inside the lining are another layer that must be handled at the side seams.  If the bodice must be altered at the zipper, the price can increase to over $100 for these more complicated, time consuming gown alterations. Other factors influencing the cost include the trim on the gown such as beading and lace that must be removed and reapplied.  Sometimes lace and beading must be used to cover a seam line when doing bodice alterations.
  • Sleeve Length:  If your bridal gown is sleeveless or has short sleeves, this is usually not a factor.  But hemming long sleeves can cost from $30 to $80, depending on the decorations on the sleeve.
  • Bustle:  A final area requiring a wedding gown specialist is when adding a bustle.  If you have a long train and want to bustle your gown, the cost could range from $25 to $100 or more.  The cost will depend on how many points are bustled and how many layers are involved.  When you lift the train to the waist area, each “point” is secured to the dress in different ways.  A longer train may require 5 to 10 points.  A shorter train may require only 2.  I would always recommend at least 2 points bustled so if one fails (which can happen if you sit down and pull the bustle or even accidentally stepping on the train), there is still another point hanging on.

Now With The Cost Of Wedding Gown Alterations Covered…How Much Time Is Needed To Handle These Alterations Correctly? 

We can usually complete hems, sleeve and bustle alterations in a week or less.  Wedding gown bodice alterations can take three days (or less if necessary) for the first fitting. The ultimate amount of time required will depend on how many fittings and how quickly the Bride can return for the fittings.  Most of our alterations in Birmingham are completed within a week but the more complicated gown designs with extensive changes may require more time.  This is not true for all wedding gown alterations specialists in the Birmingham, Alabama are…but it is a good estimate for us.

Our wedding gown alterations in Birmingham, Alabama will usually range from $150 to $200, so plan your budget accordingly.  And again, be sure to find an experienced wedding gown alterations specialist to handle your very special wedding gown alterations.  We have an experienced wedding gown alterations specialist here to serve you in Birmingham, Alabama.

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