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Wedding Gown Preservation - The Ultimate in Recycling

Posted by David Whitehurst on December 23, 2010

Green Bride Guide Selects Champion Champion Wedding Gown Specialist has been selected by the Green Bride Guide for inclusion in their Green Wedding Directory.

The Green Bride Guide is the most comprehensive and credible green wedding resource on line. The Directory is like a Yellow Pages for green weddings that provides a centralized resource of green wedding vendors, searchable by geographic area.  

This year, almost 50% of couples are looking to include green elements in their events, and 85% are concerned about greenwashing, the passing off of non-green companies as eco-friendly. To address these concerns, the Green Bride Guides screens all vendors in the directory and displays their green practices in their profiles.  Champion Wedding Gown Specialist received a two leaf rating from the Green Bride Guide.

We are pleased to achieve the high standards set by the Green Bride Guide.  We clean 85% of our wedding gowns using wet cleaning methods rather than dry cleaning.  We also purchase carbon offsets with every wedding gown preservation. 

When you stop and think about it, wedding gown preservation is the ultimate wedding gown recycling program for every bride to embrace.  Whether you preserve your gown for you daughter, sister or daughter-in-law, or simply clean your gown for sale through a consignment shop or on line, your wedding gown will get more than one use.  And that’s good for the environment.

Champion Wedding Gown Specialist is the only wedding gown cleaning and preservation company in Alabama to achieve the distinction of Green Bride Guide selection.

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