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How Should I Store My Wedding Dress Before My Wedding?

Posted by David Whitehurst on December 21, 2010

Muslin Garment Bags resized 600I Was Recently Asked About The Best Way To Store a Wedding Gown in The Weeks or Months Before The Wedding. 


This is actually a great question because Brides know to protect their wedding gown after their wedding by cleaning and preserving it.  But they often don't think about protecting their wedding gown before their wedding.

If it is going to be only a few days before the wedding, you can use the plastic bag that often comes with a wedding gown purchased at the bridal shop.  But I so dislike plastic and the problems it can cause, that I do not recommend keeping it in the plastic bag much longer than a few days.

A muslin bag is a great solution. The photo above is a muslin garment bag.  This is a light, cotton fabric that will not damage the dress over time.  We have these available in Birmingham, Alabama.  They can even be used as an alternative to placing the wedding gown in a preservation chest, although, to me, the chest is preferable for long-term wedding dress preservation.

You can also use a clean white cotton sheet, maybe two, pinned together to protect the wedding gown, at least for the short term.  This is the most practical method of protecting your wedding gown before the wedding.  Depending on the size of the wedding gown and the sheets, two white cotton sheets placed under and over the gown, like bread on a sandwich, with safety pins around the outside should protect the gown for a few weeks or months before the wedding.

Use one of these solutions when traveling to a destination wedding vis automobile...or even to take the wedding gown to the wedding site.

Just be sure to keep it away from kids, pets, heat and moisture. And remember to check it before the wedding in case the wrinkles need to be steamed out.


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