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Should You Preserve An Unused Wedding Dress?

Posted by David Whitehurst on March 12, 2011

Photo of Unused Wedding Dress

What Should You Do With An Unused Wedding Dress?

So you find yourself with an unused wedding dress and you don't know what to do with it. Maybe your wedding was called off.  Maybe you just found a great deal on your ideal wedding dress and you bought it and aren't even engaged.  Whatever the reason, you need to decide what to do with it.

The decision of what to do with an unused wedding dress all comes down to one simple question:

  • Do you like the dress and want to keep it in order to...
  • wear the dress in your wedding one day, or
  • let a family member (daughter, sister, daughter-in-law) or friend wear it one day, or
  • sell the dress

If you want to keep the wedding dress for any of those reasons, specific wedding gown care is essential.  If the wedding dress has any stains on it, it needs to be cleaned.  If it has been worn, it might have perspiration or makeup on it.  If it has been around food or handled a lot, chances are there are stains on the gown, whether or not they are visible stains.  And if it has been worn outside, be sure to check the hem for dirt or grass stains on the wedding dress. 

Allowing those stains to remain on a wedding dress will only complicate the eventual need to clean the dress.  So my suggestion is to get your wedding dress cleaned if it has been worn more than just trying it on while inside.  If you wore it outside, more than likely you will need to get your wedding dress cleaned.  

The decision on whether you want to preserve your wedding dress gets down to how long will it be before you will need it.  While a wedding gown can be kept safely in a closet for an extended period of time, the longer it stays there, the more likely you are to have a problem. 

Some of the problems of not preserving your wedding dress by storing it in a preservation chest include:

  • Seam stretching from storing your wedding gown on a hanger
  • Exposure to kids and pets causing damage to your gown
  • Exposure to flooding from broken water pipes
  • Loss of valuable closet space
  • Exposure to pests such as moths is greater when not sealed in a preservation chest

The desision is yours on whether or not to get your unused wedding dress cleaned.  If your are going to sell your wedding dress, you will get more for it if it has been cleaned...and even preserved.

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