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Should You Vacuum Seal Your Wedding Dress?

Posted by David Whitehurst on December 27, 2010

Wedding Gown With Yellowing Around the Collar and Shoulders in Birmingham Alabama

The Idea Of Vacuum Sealing A Wedding Dress Is Suggested Often As A Method Of Preservation.  Will It Work?

Sure, you can vacuum seal your wedding gown.  Just put your wedding gown in one of the special vacuum seal bags, connect your vacuum cleaner and suck the air out the bag.  The plastic compresses the wedding dress and you can store it just about anywhere and feel confident that it can't be harmed by kids, pests, pets or moisture.  Isn't this is a perfect solution for preserving your wedding gown?

NO, NO NO!  Please Don't Vacuum Seal Your Wedding Gown In An Air-Tight Plastic Container.

It's just about the worst environment for preserving a wedding gown that you could arrange.  I'll tell you why:

  • To properly preserve any garment, including wedding gowns, air needs to circulate around the fabric.  Museums take it a step further and filter the air in the rooms storing vintage garments.  But long-term preservation of any garment requires fresh air.  The plastic containers used in vacuum sealing do not allow fresh air to circulate around the gown.
  • Plastic emits a fume that will cause fabrics to yellow over time.  Some plastics emit more than others and some fabrics and colors are more likely to show sign of yellowing from the fumes than others.  But white wedding gowns are a prime candidate for yellowing from fumes emitted by plastics.  See the photo above of a wedding gown that has yellowed.
  • The vacuum sealing process compresses the wedding dress.  After a year or two in this condition, creases can become permanent.  Even steaming and pressing will not undue the damage to the fabric caused by permanent creases.
  • If there is any extra moisture in the wedding dress when it is sealed up in the plastic, in a few weeks, mold can form and cause permanent damage to the wedding dress.

My suggestion is to clean then preserve your wedding gown by storing it in either a muslin garment bag hanging in your closet or in an archival quality, acid-free preservation chest.   

My preference at Champion Wedding Gown Specialist in Birmingham, Alabama is the the preservation chest.  The "boxes" we use are 100% acid free and allow air to circulate around the fabric of the wedding gown, even without the lid being open.  We avoid causing permanent creases by layering each fold with acid-free tissue.  And the preservation chest can be more easily stored and take up less closet space than a wedding gown hanging in a muslin bag.

There are a lot of reasons to use the archival preservation chest...and a lot of reasons to never preserve a wedding gown by vacuum sealing.

Birmingham Wedding Gown Preservation Photo

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