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Can I Wear My Wedding Dress After It Is Preserved?

Posted by David Whitehurst on February 15, 2011

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So you took care of your wedding dress after the wedding and got it professionally cleaned and preserved.  Now you want to put it on again.

I get asked about once a week about the "Rules" around wearing a wedding dress after it has been cleaned and preserved.

The question I am really being asked is..."If I try on my dress after it is preserved, will this ruin the preservation resulting in the need to get it cleaed again?"

The answer is....."NO, you will not ruin the preservation" as long as you can follow these RULES:
  • Don't get body oils on it, so be sure you are clean and wear cotton gloves when handling it.  Remember that you can get body oils from the hands and from perspiration. This includes you as well as anyone else helping you with the wedding dress.
  • Don't get food or drink on the wedding dress
  • Don't get makeup on the wedding dress
  • Don't wear it outside

The purpose of cleaning a wedding dress is not just to make it look clean.  The purpose is also to remove all foreign matter that can cause a preserved wedding dress to discolor or become damaged due to interactions with the dress and the foreign matter.

So if you want to try it on again, be sure to protect the dress from anything that might get on the dress.  Body oils, makeup, food and drink are the obvious culprits.  And certainly, exposure to dirt and grass stain need to be avoided.

After Wearing It...

When you're finished trying it on...or modeling...or whatever you desire in your wedding dress, be sure to return it to the preservation chest or muslin bag so you can continue to protect your wedding dress from the elements. 

If you have preserved your wedding dress in a preservation chest (this is my recommendation for a preservation method), be sure to retain the acid-free tissue used to cushion the folds of the dress to help avoid hard creases that can be difficult to remove.  Replace the tissue that came with your dress in each area where folded.  Do not use tissue that you might have around the house.  Use only acid-free tissue.

If you have preserved the wedding dress using a muslin bag or other cotton garment bag (never plastic), be sure to hang the dress from the loops inside the dress.  You want to reduce the pressure on the seams of the wedding dress.   If the train is heavy, find a way to reduce the pressure on the seams from the train, such as using a second hanger next to the wedding dress.

One more word of caution.  If you had your wedding dress preserved, understand your guarantee.  Does your dress lose any type of guarantee if it has been worn...or if it has been removed from the preservation chest.  Sometimes just breaking the seal on the preservation chest can void whatever wedding dress preservation guarantee you might have with your dress.

The Bottom Line...

So, YES, you can try on a wedding dress after it has been preserved but you must be very careful to not get anything on the dress that can cause a problem over the years, like body oils, perspiration, makeup, food or drink.

If you break any of these "Rules" or pick up anything that can cause the wedding dress to discolor, I suggest you consider cleaning and preserving your wedding dress again.

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