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Five Tips For The Best Wedding Gown Fit Possible

Posted by David Whitehurst on October 29, 2010


Corest style wedding gown photo

Every wedding gown requires alterations to get the best fit for the Bride. So what can you do to get the best fit possible?

Here are the suggestions we give the Brides who come to our store in order to get that perfect fit from their wedding gown alterations in Birmingham, Alabama.

  1. Buy for largest dimension – while you can sometimes let out an area of your wedding dress, it’s a much safer bet that you can get a great fit but taking in your dress rather than letting it out.  So buy a gown to fit your largest dimension and take it in.
  2. Be present for each fitting – this sounds a little crazy...and maybe a little too obvious.  But don’t send your Mom, your Maid of Honor or a friend to take a look at your wedding gown after the alterations.  You need to pick it up, try it on and make sure the gown fits right, with the wedding gown alterations specialist present  You may need to ask questions and you certainly need to make sure you're happy with the alterations. This will actually save you time in the long run.
  3. Bring your shoes in for the fitting - this is absolutely essential when hemming the dress and adding a bustle.  Sometimes other parts of the gown fit are affected by the bring them and wear them for the fitting.
  4. Bring your lingerie, especially for wedding dresses with a built-in corset design (see the photo above), and get fitted in your gown with your full outfit, even what’s worn under your dress.  You might not think it matters, but it could.
  5. Accessories are usually not necessary - items such as necklace, gloves, tiara, etc. are usually not necessary.  If you are altering the neckline, you might want to bring the necklace you plan on wearing.

As a bonus suggestion, try to bring the person who will help you dress at your wedding.  This is a great time to practice how your gown comes together, especially with a corset-style dress.  You both need to see how it all comes together…and you get a second opinion on the fitting that is always helpful.

After all, you want a perfect fit!


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