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What Happens To A Wedding Dress If You Don't Preserve It?

Posted by David Whitehurst on November 30, 2010

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If You Leave Your Wedding Dress Hanging In Your Home And Don't Preserve It, What Will Happen To The Dress?

A Bride From Hoover, Alabama recently asked me that question.  I asked her what she would do with it and she said, "Leave it hanging in my closet."

I told her that it is possible that NOTHING bad would happen to her dress over the next five or even ten years...if she could answer "No" to the following questions:

  • Was any food or drink spilled on the dress?
  • Are there any soil or grass stains on the hem of the dress?
  • Are there any other stains, such as grease from a car door, makeup, or perspiration, on the wedding dress?
  • Can the wedding dress be stored so it is off the floor?
  • Will the wedding gown be stored where the heat and humidity are controlled to normal living levels (i.e., not stored in an attic or basement)?
  • Can the wedding dress be stored so kids and pets can't get to it?

These are the main threats to the longevity of a wedding dress.  Notice that it's not just "things" on your wedding gown that can cause problems, it is the environment as well.  A wedding dress needs protection from the environment...from heat and humidity to kids and pets.

By cleaning a wedding dress in Birmingham, Alabama, you can be confident that it has been cleaned so the stain-causing problems are eliminated.  By preserving your wedding dress in Birmingham, Alabama, you can more easily store your wedding gown and protect it from the environment, such as leaking pipes, kids and pets. 

While you might be able to control all of these risks over a number of years, it is much easier to do if the wedding dress has been cleaned and preserved then stored properly.  This means that in 20, 30, 40 or 50 years, your gown will have a better chance of surviving.  The chance of a wedding gown surviving this long without being cleaned and preserved is slim.

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