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How Long Does It Take To Steam A Wedding Dress?

Posted by David Whitehurst on December 21, 2010

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Should It Take A Week or a Day To Steam Out A Wedding Dress? There Are 3 Factors That Answer This Question.

It's not unusual to learn that it might take a week or sometimes even two weeks to get a weeding dress steamed out or pressed.  But here's the truth to this story:

How long it should take to steam out a wedding dress depends on three issues:

  1. How wrinkled is the wedding dress, and
  2. How busy is the wedding gown specialist who is steaming out the wedding dress?
  3. Is the work done locally by the wedding gwon specialist you are working with?

It typically takes an experienced wedding gown specialist two to three hours to steam out a typical wedding dress with a full length train.  A wedding dress that has been preserved for many years will have more wrinkles that require more time and effort to get it to "relax" than a wedding gown that has been worn only for fitting and a round of pictures but needs a touch up before the wedding.

So the extremely wrinkled wedding dress might even require next day attention to get it right while the less wrinkled version might take just an hour or so.

The real issue for getting a wedding dress steamed out or pressed is how busy is the wedding gown specialist.  This can best addressed by talking to the wedding gown specialist before you plan to get the dress steamed.  I suggest you call and make an appointment and arrange the completion date and time before it's actually needed.

It will help the specialist to see the dress, if possible.  But if not practical, just describle the dress to the specialist and she can give you a good idea about how long it should take.  Be sure to tell the specialist when you need it.  Most "high-service" wedding gown specialists understand the need for prompt completion of this work.

The third factor in how long it should take to complete this work is where the work is actually done.  Look for a local wedding gown specialist.  Many dry cleaners offer wedding gown cleaning, pressing and preservation services...but they may outsource the work to others, often in another city.  When this happens, you'll have to add another week or two into the turn around time.

Be sure to find someone locally who is truly a wedding gown specialist and not merely an order taker who sends the wedding gown to someone else to do the work. We do our own wedding gown cleaning and preservation in Birmingham, Alabama.  And of course, we can steam out or press a wedding gown for you in a day or two...depending on how urgent you are to get it done.

I hope this answers your questions about this subject.  Please feel free to send me a question or respond to this blog post.

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