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What Does It Mean to "Seal" A Wedding Dress?

Posted by David Whitehurst on January 14, 2011

How To Seal A Wedding Gown in Birmingham Alabama 

Sealing a wedding gown preservation chest is the final step in the wedding dress preservation process. 

Here, Ric Pevey, Champion's General Manager and a  Certified Wedding Gown Specialist, applies the final step to a wedding gown preservation by sealing the preservation chest

To better explain what it means to “seal” a wedding dress, let me briefly describe the steps in the wedding gown preservation process.

Our Inspection, Spot Cleaning, Whole Gown Cleaning

We first inspect your wedding gown for stains and then treat those stains.  Next we clean the entire gown.  After we clean your wedding gown, we inspect it again.  Once clean and all problem areas restored as much as possible, we make the wedding gown available for inspection by the Bride. 

The Bride's Inspection

We believe the Bride’s inspection is an important step in the wedding gown preservation process.  In this way, the Bride will know exactly what the gown looks like before being placed in the box…which we call a wedding gown preservation chest.  This is a 100% acid-free box, similar to boxes used by museums to preserve historic, vintage garments.  Acid is found in most every type of cardboard box and acid can cause a white wedding gown to turn yellow over time.

Preserving the Wedding Gown...The Sealing The Chest

Once we place the wedding gown in the preservation chest using completely acid-free tissue to cushion the folds in the wedding gown, we “seal” the chest using acid-free tape.  We place the tape all around the openings in the lid of the preservation chest.

Sealing the wedding gown as part of the preservation process serves two basic purposes:

  • It tends to discourage the curious, including kids, from opening the preservation chest.
  • It prevents insects from getting in the preservation chest through the lid and causing damage to the wedding dress.

Does sealing the chest mean you can never hold your wedding gown?

While sealing your preservation chest is not a requirement when preserving a wedding gown with Champion Wedding Gown Specialist in Birmingham, Alabama, I encourage it.  The benefits are obvious.  But there are also benefits to taking the wedding gown out of the preservation box at least every four to five years. 

You can break the seal on the chest, inspect your wedding gown and take care of any issues you find at that time.  You should then refold it using the acid-free tissue in the folds and return the dress to the chest.  Periodic inspection of your wedding gown will help prevent permanent creases…and let you relive your wedding memories.  We will gladly help you re-seal your wedding gown. 

Breaking the seal on your preserved wedding gown will not void our International Guarantee.  But sealing your wedding gown is a practice I strongly recommend.

Birmingham Wedding Gown Preservation Photo

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