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When Should I Schedule My Wedding Dress Fitting?

Posted by David Whitehurst on February 1, 2011

Wedding Gown Alterations Birmingham AlabamaTo know how long before your wedding you should schedule your wedding dress fittings, here are 4 areas to consider. 

Keep in mind that your wedding date is not the most important date in this's the date of your pictures that is critical

The four areas to consider are:

1. How complex are the required wedding dress alterations?

The complexity of both the wedding dress and the alterations required will impact how long before your wedding you should schedule your wedding gown fitting.  A simple hem or adding a couple of bustle points are obviously easier to do than taking in the bodice, moving a zipper or dealing with extensive beading or sequins.

The more complex the alterations and the more complex the structure of the wedding gown, means that more can go wrong, more fittings are required and the more surprises you might have. If you are having complex alterations, add time for surprises.

2. How "cooperative" in completing alterations is your bridal shop or seamstress? 

Since I provide wedding gown alterations in Birmingham, Alabama, I hear from many Brides needing last minute alterations that their bridal or alterations shop can't get done. 

Some shops want the Bride to get her wedding gown alterations done when she buys her gown.  Others say the fitting should begin three months before the wedding.  Some don't want the pressure of last minute alterations. 

You need to know the "style" of your wedding gown alterations specialist and plan accordingly.  Make sure your wedding gown alterations needs and the "style" of seamstress match up...or find another seamstress.

3. When will you and your wedding gown be available for alterations? Do you plan on losing a few pounds before your wedding and when will you reach your goal? 

It's probably a safe bet to say that most Brides want to lose at least a few pounds before her wedding.  You need to know when you'll make it to your goal weight in deciding on when you will begin your fittings.

4. How much peace of mind do you require knowing that your wedding gown is ready for the wedding? 

If you get stressed by not having your wedding gown in the closet and ready for the wedding, then plan to get your wedding gown alterations earlier. A Bride has enough stress over things she can't control.  Here is one you can control.

The bottom line here...

is to plan your entire wedding gown time line with these factors in mind.  And don't discount the last one because peace of mind and one less item to stress over is worth a lot in the big picture of executing your wedding plan.

Wedding gown alterations in Birmingham, Alabama

Get Wedding Dress Alterations from a Specialist.  From simple hems, to adding a bustle, altering the bodice to a redesign of a vintage gown.  We can do it and you can relax.

Last minute alterations?  No Problem!

Learn more about our wedding dress alterations services here.

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