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Flying With My Wedding Dress - Should I Vacuum Seal It?

Posted by David Whitehurst on February 4, 2011

Wedding Gown Cleaning in Birmingham AlabamaAnytime you fly to a destination wedding, you face the challenge of safely getting your wedding gown to the wedding location.

I was recently asked about vacuum sealing a wedding dress to get it on the flight in as small of a "package" as possible.

I am a firm believer in the peace of mind from "carrying on" the wedding dress on a commercial flight rather than checking it as baggage, especially when you're on a flight with plane changes.  What would you do if the wedding dress didn't make it to your destination?

But I'm not a believer in using any type of vacuum sealing on a wedding gown (see a recent article I wrote on vacuum sealing for gown preservation).  Even if it's just for the flight to the wedding, vacuum sealing compresses the wedding dress with a lot of pressure and puts creases in your dress that could be impossible to remove.

Creases resulting from vacuum sealing are more difficult to remove than creases from traditional packing.  Therefore, I suggest you pack your wedding dress in luggage or a box with a handle that is accepted as a "carry on" with the airline

When you have a destination wedding and you have packed your wedding gown in a small (or even a large) suitcase, be sure to make arrangements to have your steamed very soon after your arrival.

We have a carry-on style box that is great for packing a wedding gown for destination weddings.


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