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Is Washing a Wedding Dress The Day of the Wedding Safe?

Posted by David Whitehurst on March 4, 2011

Spot on a Wedding Gown resized 600"What am I gonna do?" asked the frantic caller?  "My wedding dress has a bad dirt stain on it...and my wedding is tonight."

That's a tough situation to deal with...but not uncommon.


Here's what I asked snd suggested:

  • Remember that while your wedding dress is a central part of your wedding, the focus is on you.  Most people will be looking at you and not the imperfections on the wedding dress.
  • Consider applying a little baby powder to hide the dirt. That will last a while and can serve as a good camouflage on a white wedding dress.
  • If you must work on the wedding dress, is it polyester, silk or some other fabric?  If it is polyester, you can consider washing the dress yourself.  But think about this: What if the washing causes more problems than just the dirt or stain.  Would you be better off leaving it alone?  If it is silk or most other fabrics, I would not recommend you washing it at home.
  • If the wedding gown is polyester, a diluted mix of Dawn and water applied gently to a dirt stain, will help. Blot with clean water on a white cotton towel to remove the dirt and water.  Allow it to dry on its own if you have time.  Apply low heat with a blow dryer if time is short.
  • Can you get the wedding dress to us and we will help you?  This is a shameless plug for my business, but if you are in Birmingham, Alabama, we will do everything possible to help you out of this situation.
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