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How Long Does It Take To Clean A Wedding Dress?

Posted by David Whitehurst on February 27, 2011

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I received an e-mail asking about how long it would take us to clean a wedding gown. 

Apparently the Bride-To-Be was concerned that she didn't have enough time and she didn't know what she was going to do.


She thought it might take as long as four weeks to get it cleaned and she only had two weeks between her picture date and her wedding date.

Many dry cleaners are used to not having a deadline to clean and preserve a wedding gown because the work is often done after the wedding so they will often quote "four weeks" so they will have plenty of time to work the wedding gown cleaning around their regular dry cleaning.  But in the case of a Bride needing her wedding gown cleaned before her wedding, the time line is typically much shorter.

Another reason Brides often hear the "four week" wedding gown cleaning is because the majority of dry cleaners don't clean their customers' wedding gowns.  Instead, they ship them to a wedding gown cleaning wholesaler.  So they always have to deal with several days to ship to the wedding gown specialist and several days shipping back to the dry cleaner.

My suggestion is to find a local wedding gown specialist...someone who has experience cleaning and pressing wedding gowns.  Here is a link to the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists where you can search for someone in your area.  There are over 500 certified wedding gown specialists around the world so there should be one near you...or at least in a few hours drive.

For Brides-To-Be in the Birmingham, Alabama area, we can clean and press your wedding gown in a week...even less if necessary.  We are certified wedding gown specialists and love working with Brides and their wedding gowns.  We understand the importance of your wedding gown and are prepared to do whatever is possible to help you with your wedding gown...from alterations, to cleaning, pressing and preservation.

Wedding Gown Cleaning in Birmingham AL

We Will Clean and Steam Your Wedding Dress In A Week...Or Less.

Just tell us what you need us to do and we'll do everything in our power to get it done...on your schedule.  Read more about our services at Champion Wedding Gown Specialist

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