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After "I Do"...Don't Forget Your Wedding Dress

Posted by David Whitehurst on March 19, 2011

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The list of tasks given a bride-to-be is long and, for some, overwhelming.


Don't forget your wedding dress After Your Wedding.

A wedding can be a huge production if the couple has an incredibly large list of people they want to include. Venues, flowers, a caterer for the reception, entertainment, pictures, save-the-dates, invitations – the tasks just become staggering, especially if both the bride and groom are working full time jobs!

Once the ceremony is over and you are on your way to the honeymoon, there’s not much left to do other than enjoy married life (well, maybe that's not completely true).

Options For Your Wedding Dress After The Wedding

If you care for your wedding gown you'll have plenty of options.  Think about one day wearing your wedding dress for a vow renewal, displaying it at a special anniversary celebration, or giving it to your daughter in the future.  Maybe you plan on selling your wedding dress at a consignment shop. 

But whatever plans you have, you need to act as soon as possible after your wedding. Even though it seems like reusing the gown would be something far into the future, the wedding gown cleaning and preservation should take place immediately after the wedding to have the best chance at restoring it.

The sooner your wedding gown is cleaned and preserved after your wedding, the better condition it will be in once it's needed again.  Whether your keep it or sell it, it's worth more if it has been cleaned and preserved.  The longer you wait after your wedding to care for your gown, the more difficult it becomes to get the dirt, food and stains out.

After Cleaning Your Wedding Gown

After cleaning and preserving your gown, storing it away from light, dampness, insects, humidity and high temperature is a must. If the gown is going to be handed down to a daughter or granddaughter, it could be in the container for decades. 

No bride wants to count on having a dress that she opens and finds yellow and brown sugar-based stains or damage from insects feasting on food particles embedded in the fabric.  Proper wedding gown cleaning, preservation and storage can make this dream come true.

The Solution

Look for a Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistTM to ensure that your dress is preserved to perfection. If possible, have your mother, your Maid of Honor or another trusted loved one take your dress to you local certified wedding gown specialist while you’re on your honeymoon – one less thing for you to worry about! You can have it cleaned and preserved in no time.

Leave your dress with a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist, care for it properly over the years, and rest assured that it will be perfectly safe for decades to come.

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