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Restoring and Restyling Second Generation Wedding Gowns

Posted by David Whitehurst on March 20, 2011

Wedding Dress Restoration Illustrated by Queen of Babble In Meg Cabot’s “Queen of Babble” series, the main character (Lizzie Nichols) finds a vintage designer gown in an attic, wrapped around a rusty old rifle. She is able to remove the rust stains (for she had vast experience with dresses, especially vintage ones) and the gown saves the day for a bride who has a wedding gown disaster.

Although this makes for a good story and is dumb novel luck, a Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistTM doesn’t need luck.  Instead we use our professional training and experience to avert your disasters so that your wedding gown looks perfect for your day.

Many brides today want to wear a vintage, second generation wedding dress handed down to them by a loved one. It represents the love and “family” commemorated by that bride’s wedding day.  And after all, every bride wants to start off her marriage with as many good luck charms as possible.

However, sometimes older dresses will have wear and tear on them, and a nervous bride might overreact and see it as a bad omen.  And other times, a bride might balk at a second generation wedding dress because of the outdated style. If you want to make extensive changes to fit the gown correctly or to redesign the vintage wedding gown be sure to find a qualified wedding gown alterations specialist.

We are Certified Wedding Gown Specialists, so we know how to fix most any wedding dress problem that arises, including alterations and gown redesigns.  We make it a priority to go over your vintage wedding dress with a careful eye so you won’t find any imperfections on your gown at the last minute or when you get your pictures back.  And we'll work with you to get just the right look from your vintage wedding gown.

The satins, silks, laces and beading that make up the beautiful creation, especially on older wedding dresses that you’ll wear on this important day, are delicate to begin with, and age only makes them more fragile.  We understand that stains must be removed with a gentle hand and that rips and tears should be fixed cautiously.

In the event a second generation dress must be re-worked to make a better fit or to add an updating flair, we’ll take great pains to match up the elements of the dress as much as possible to the original.  

From remaking a sleeved wedding gown into a sleeveless style, our wedding gown alterations specialists can turn a 1950’s gown into a 21st Century version, often for a fraction of the cost of a new wedding gown  And a new wedding gown won't have the history and "family" of a second generation wedding gown.

Wedding Dress Alterations in Birmingham Alabama

Get Wedding Dress Alterations from a Specialist. 

From simple hems, to adding a bustle, altering the bodice to a redesign of a vintage gown.  We can do it and you can relax.

Learn more about our wedding dress alterations services here.

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