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Four Reasons to Bustle Your Wedding Dress

Posted by David Whitehurst on April 4, 2011

Photo of wedding dress bustle

Bustling Your Wedding Dress Is Not Difficult, Improves Your Mobility and Protects Your Dress.


You Get Another Bonus From A Wedding Dress Bustle, Too...a Slightly Different Look!

Trains...and More Trains

Many brides choose a long train or at least a very full skirt. It’s understandable – it makes them feel fancier and more formal. There are few opportunities for a woman to don a fancy dress, and the wedding day is the most anticipated. Full trains look elegant and beautiful during the ceremony, especially if they’re adorned with beading.


Impact on Mobility

The drawback is dragging the train around after the ceremony.  You don’t want to worry about getting it dirty as you’re greeting the guests, and lugging it around can seem pretty hazardous.  No one wants to trip or trip someone else on their special day, or get it caught on something and hear a dreadful ripping sound.

Fortunately, bustles are the best way to get around this. After the ceremony, bustles allow the train to be hooked up into the dress, no matter how full it is. There are several styles of bustles, giving brides a wide variety of options. If the dress is plain, it can be folded under seamlessly or given one or two anchor points on the back to be looped over.  If there is an intricate design of beading, lace and ribbon on the gown, the bustle can be designed with anchor points that match.

Some full gowns can be given upwards of ten anchor points, while others need just a few.  I always recommend at least two…just in case one breaks when you sit or if you step on your hem.Wedding Dress Bustle  If that happens, you’ll still have one holding things together.

Bustles can be intricate or simple, and serve a function as well as remaining beautiful.  Bustles can allow the dress to be more manageable and still look perfect for pictures, so consider some photos with the dress in full glory and looped up around the anchor points.  Here is a link to more information about wedding gown bustles


What About Brides Maids Dresses?

If your bridesmaids have full dresses as well, consider the pick-up bustle option for them as well – they don’t want their dresses dirty, either!


Are Bustles Expensive?

What is the typical charge for adding a bustle?  It all depends on the person doing the work, the number of layers required to work with on the skirt, and the beading on the skirt.  However, our charges begin at $35 for a single anchor point on a simple dress, $50 for two anchor points, $75 for three, etc.  The charge is more for more than one skirt layer or beading considerations.

So the benefits of bustles include:

  • Keeps your train or full skirt away from the ground, at least partially
  • Makes it easier for you to move around
  • Results in less hem dirt and damage to the hem
  • Gives your wedding dress another look

Wedding Dress Alterations in Birmingham Alabama

Get Wedding Dress Alterations from a Wedding Dress Specialist in Birmingham, Alabama.

From simple hems, to adding a bustle, altering the bodice to a redesign of a vintage gown.  We can do it and you can relax.

Learn more about our wedding dress alterations services in Birmingham here.

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