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Four “Musts” For Mother of The Bride Dresses

Posted by Sherry Whitehurst on April 7, 2011

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Little girls dream of growing up and dressing like their mothers.  Once this day finally comes and the little girl is a woman making decisions for her wedding dress and her own special day, the bride’s mother is still an important figure and should dress like one!


However, many women clash with their daughters over what to wear.  It’s an important issue, as the mother will be in pictures and a prominent figure in the front row.  

All eyes will be on the bride throughout the ceremony, but the mother will definitely be seen.  Most women know not to wear white, cream, or ivory as it makes her look like she’s trying to steal the bride’s spotlight.  But other than this, no-no it’s hard to know which direction to proceed. 


Here are my suggestions for dealing with this issue:

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  1. Mother of the bride dresses should be chosen after the bride and brides' maids pick their dresses. While many older moms think they should choose some sort of staid suit in a drab color, this absolutely doesn’t have to be the case.
  2. Mother of the bride dresses should match the bridal party’s dress in level of formality, but doesn’t have to match in style or color. As long as the dress complements rather than clashes with the colors of the day, it won’t appear out of place.
  3. Make sure the dress is tasteful, and coordinate with the mother of the groom so that you neither appear like twins or at total odds with one another.  In some settings and on the right person, a classy black gown could be stunning rather than funeral-like.
  4. Dress like you normally would in the sense that you want to show off your features.  If it’s warm out and you have nice arms, consider strapless.  If the wedding is less formal and you’ve still got legs that rival your daughter’s, don’t go for a floor-length gown.  

Have fun and dress like the fabulous mother of the bride that you are!


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