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Detachable Wedding Gown Train

Posted by David Whitehurst on April 14, 2011

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Last week we discussed an option for a wedding dress bustle with a series of loops and pick ups. This is a great option if you’ve got a big train that you don’t want to be dragging around the reception or even in the grass, the dirt or the sand if you are hosting the festivities outside. However, another alternative is increasing in popularity, especially for young brides who are planning to dance the night away for hours at their reception!

What if you could just….take the train off?

Sounds a little crazy at first to those who were considering a more traditional approach. But imagine how convenient it could be.

The train on a wedding dress can be as extensive and formal as you want (think Maria’s wedding in The Sound of Music, if your church is big enough to accommodate a train like that!) for the ceremony and the pictures of the wedding party. Little girls' wedding fantasies usually include a wedding gown that is incredibly fancy with the large train, after all. But with a detachable train, it’s almost like having two dresses.Wedding Dress with Removable Train 2

Dance The Night Away

Younger brides often plan a reception with a DJ or even a live band for dancing. With the right guests, the party might stretch on for hours! Dancing or even just mingling for a long time in a dress with a bulky train just isn’t feasible. The dresses are often heavy, and there will be extensive concerns about spills and tripping.

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By finding a wedding dress with a removable train (or even having it altered to be detachable), the formal gown can be instantly transformed into a party dress for the long haul. In addition, this provides the opportunity for more formal and posed pictures to transition into candids with a more modern style.

If your gown is missing a train and you'd like to add one, think about using Mom's wedding gown train or even your Grandmother's and make it detachable.  You can do it yourself or a qualified wedding gown alterations specialist.

A removable train or skirt is a great option for both convenience and style. In the unfortunate event that your wedding day is met with rain clouds, you just might save your wedding dress by taking off the train for the dash to the car – and still look fabulous!

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