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Five More Wedding Dress Trends for 2011

Posted by David Whitehurst on April 29, 2011

Beaded Wedding Dress

Last week we talked about five wedding dress styles that have exploded in popularity this year, but maybe you didn’t like any of them or you want more options before you choose. Fortunately, here are five more choices for you to consider!


Beading has always been popular on wedding dresses, but this year designers seem to be taking the idea to a whole new level.  Consider last week’s suggestion of a large bow on the shoulder and cover it with beads, or imagine a sash or belt-like design around the waist made entirely of beads.  Some designers will cover straps or a couple inches around the neckline with beading, and instead of being garish it can look absolutely stunning.

Can Straps and Sleeves Be Back?Sleeved Wedding Dress resized 600

For many years, it was rare to find wedding dress options with straps or sleeves. However, designers are bringing these options back in full force, allowing a bride a classier or more modest option while still remaining stylish and beautiful, especially for those who don’t have the time to tone up their arms the way they want.  

Formal and Flowing

As an alternative for the naturally slender (or extremely determined) bride, flowing “Greek goddess” skirts are exploding in popularity. These are extremely formal, long and flowing – made out of slinky fabrics that fall perfectly down a tall, slim figure.

Ball Gown Styles

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses resized 600


If you’d rather not have a slinky bridal gown, you probably dreamed of being a princess as a girl and loved the Disney characters. Fortunately for you, ball gown styles for wedding dresses are still current and wildly popular as well.  There are many ways to glam it up and make the dress look age appropriate while giving you that flouncy feel.  


The last wedding dress trend we’re seeing can be incorporated with this style as well – or totally take over.  We’re talking about lace. Some people use it to trim the skirt while others cover the entire dress in the stuff.  Fortunately, it’s being accepted as a stylish option for a modern bride rather than something reminiscent of an item decorating your grandma’s sitting room.


The one thing that is certain for 2011wedding dresses - there are plenty of options.  If you are not sure what to go with, you can always pick classic style.  You can’t go wrong sticking to the classics.

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