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Common Problems Found In Used Wedding Dresses

Posted by David Whitehurst on May 12, 2011

Dry Cleaning Used Wedding Dresses in Birmingham, Alabama
Tomato Juice on a Wedding Dress

Many women choose to spend their most special day wearing a used wedding dress.  Whether the wedding dress is passed down from Mother to Daughter or bought at a consignment shop, the market for used wedding dresses is growing every year.

There is nothing wrong with this, as second hand wedding dresses bought through consignment shops or on line offer advantages over their brand new counterparts, especially when it comes to price.  It is not unusual to find pre-owned wedding dresses at 50% of  the price of the gown new.  Some brides would not even be able to purchase a dress if it weren't for the wide variety of used wedding dresses available.  Here’s a link to my recent article on the Pros and Cons of Buying Used Wedding Dresses.

Common Problems Found In Used Wedding Dresses

  • SIGNS OF WEAR - While used wedding dresses have many advantages, their main disadvantage is that they usually show signs of wear.  Weddings are an exciting and lively time, and sometimes the dress will suffer due to all of the fun the bride is having.  Whether the signs are abrasions on the hem, a ripped seam or broken strap, it important to have your wedding dresses properly repaired after your wedding.
  • FOOD AND BEVERAGE STAINS - Another common occurrence with preowned wedding dresses is food or beverage stains.  Weddings often include wine, which can make a doozy of a stain.  Food can be equally as destructive, especially when they happen due to grease or oil.  While some of these stains may be impossible to remove, dry cleaners who are certified wedding gown specialists know the special techniques to get rid of common blemishes caused by food and drink.
  • PERSPIRATION STAINS - Because weddings are a time of excitement and festivity, most brides find themselves very active on this day.  New and used wedding dresses alike tend to be very intricate, often including heavy fabrics that aren't designed to breathe well.  This can lead many women to perspire heavily on their wedding day, even leaving discoloration under the arms or around the neckline of the gown.


Get Help From A Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistTM

Attempting to remove these stains at home could only work to further damage the garment, even spreading the problem area and making it more obvious.  By utilizing expertise of a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist (here is a link to find one near you), used wedding dresses can be cleaned and repaired as needed. 

But even the greatest wedding gown specialists in the world can't make a heavily stained wedding dress look brand new.  But they can help reduce the visibility of these problems.

Used wedding dresses are still more affordable than new dresses, even with the added cost of dry cleaning and repairs.  Wedding dress repairs, stain removal, cleaning and preservation are the strength of a Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistTM who can help protect the investment in your used wedding dress no matter what your plans are for the dress.

Wedding Gown Cleaning in Birmingham AL

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