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Protecting the Hemline of Wedding Dresses

Posted by David Whitehurst on May 22, 2011


 Risks to wedding dresses at beach weddings

Q: How many ways are there to damage a wedding dress?


A: Probably as many ways are there are different styles of wedding dresses.

Here are a few of the more common problems:

  • The family and friends of the Bride spill food or drink on the dress...accidentally, of course. 
  • The Bride steps on her hem or catches the train in the door of the limo and tears the fabric.  
  • After having a few minutes to sit down and rest during the wedding, the Bride stands up and steps on her train and tears the fabric.
  • Grass dirt stains get on the dress and train during an outdoor photo session.
  • The Bride's cat decides to sharpen its claws on the gown when stored in a closet before the wedding (well, this one isn't so common, but it can really wreck a wedding dress).
Most wedding dress stains from food, beverages, dirt and grass can be removed.  And fabric can be sewn and repaired on most every wedding dress.

But one type of wedding dress damage that cannot be completely repaired is abrasions to hemlines and trains.

Many Brides choose to have their wedding in a church or reception hall, but having an outdoor wedding can also be an incredible experience.  Beach ceremonies, lake-side weddings, and receptions in the park are all popular methods of celebrating this wonderful union.  While these options are incredibly romantic, they are especially rough on the hemlines of wedding dresses..

If a train is part of your wedding dress outfit, it is likely that some of it will be dragging on the ground.  When an outside wedding is involved, this could mean dirt stains, grass stains, water marks, or, in extreme cases, even slight ripping or fabric abrasions from rocks and gravel.  Even when the wedding is held inside, the train and hemline can gather dust and dirt and still show signs of wear from abrasions on carpet, wood or tile flooring.

Does that mean you need to scratch the idea of an outdoor wedding altogether?  Absolutely not! 


Should you avoid an outdoor photo session to capture the Bride and her wedding gown in nature’s light?  Nope!  Go right ahead. 


But be aware of the risks and do what your can to reduce the exposure of the hemline and train damage.


Walking or standing on concrete, sand, dirt or grass is the biggest reasons your wedding dress gets abrasions.  Here are some ways to minimize the problems:

  • Get some help with the wedding dress or train when walking over anything rough, especially when wearing your dress before your wedding.
  • Have some plastic to put down under your dress when standing or sitting for photos.
  • Avoid getting near the water for a beach or lake wedding or photo shoot.
  • Have your wedding dress bustled and wear it "up" whevever outside.
  • Wear a wedding dress with a detachable train.

I’ve also seen a special thick, cotton/polyester slip that is worn under the dress and pulls under and around the outside of the dress for your photo session.  It lets you gather and pick up your hem and more easily walk with it off the ground. 

It’s Inevitable

Your wedding dress will get stained and soiled and fabric abrasions cannot be completely avoided.  You may not always be able to see the stains, especially sugar stains from wedding cake, wine and soft drinks.  But they will be there and will cause ling-term damage if you don’t get your wedding dress cleaned.  If your wedding dress train or hem is stained or dirtied, a wedding gown specialist can help return it close to its original beauty.

Attention to the hemline and train before the wedding are important for your wedding gown to look its best.

How Do You Reverse The Effects Of Stains on Wedding Dresses?

Take your wedding dress to a pro immediately after your wedding!  A Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistTM is trained for the specialized care required for wedding dresses and all of the challenges a Bride's wedding dress faces.

Don't let a little dirt, food, beverage, or grass stain prevent you from passing a cleaned and preserved dress on to a niece or daughter.  A qualified wedding gown specialist can make that next generation's wedding memories as strong as your own. 

And having your wedding dress professionally cleaned and preserved by a wedding gown specialist can give it a new life and a top price through the consignment shop.

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