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Finding A Dry Cleaner For Your Wedding Dress

Posted by David Whitehurst on May 26, 2011

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What Will You Do With Your Wedding Dress After You Say, "I Do?"

After your wedding day, there are many things that you can do with your wedding dress.  Some brides wish to save them to pass down to future generations.  Others will resell them.  While still others will donate the dress or give it to a friend.  No matter what you decide to do, you will want to have your wedding dress cleaned first.

Wedding Gown Specialists

You can't just go to any dry cleaner when it comes to your wedding gown, as this garment is just too special to take your chances.  You will want to choose a dry cleaner that has extensive experience with wedding dresses so you can trust that it is being taken care of in good hands.  These dry cleaners are called “wedding gown specialists.” 

But your should find one that is a Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistTM as these are the only professional dry cleaners who have trained and been tested and pursue continuing education to improve their knowledge of wedding gown cleaning, preservation and restoration. There are more than 500 locations of Certified Wedding Gown Specialists around the world

Find A True Wedding Gown Specialist

Anyone can say they are a “wedding gown specialist,” but only those who have trained for cleaning, preserving and restoring wedding gowns can say they are a “Certified Wedding Gown Specialist.”  Here is a link to help you find a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist near you.

While many dry cleaners claim that they have the expertise necessary to clean and preserve a wedding dress, they may be referring solely to the fabric. After all, they clean silk and polyester, the most common wedding dress fabrics, all the time.  But cleaning a wedding dress is just not the same as cleaning a silk or polyester blouse.

Challenges of Wedding Dress Cleaning

The fact is that wedding gowns have much trickier aspects than everyday garments.  Often wedding dresses are decorated with unique embellishments, such as beads, sequins, crystals or even have special lace requiring special attention.  You will want a dry cleaner that can work with these additions and still maintain their high quality characteristics…a true Wedding Gown Specialist.

Combine the special fabrics and designs with a variety of exposures to dirt, food and beverage stains and perspiration and you have special challenges that only a trained and experienced wedding gown specialist should undertake.

Inspect Your Gown Before Preserving

You should also have the right to inspect the wedding dress before it is placed in the preservation chest and sealed.  You should make sure that it is your wedding dress in the box and all the problem areas have been addressed.  No dry cleaner can guarantee removal of every stain.  But you should know the finished condition of the entire wedding dress before you put it away.

If you are planning on preserving your wedding dress it is especially important to pick a qualified dry cleaner because that dress will represent the future of a loved one and the wedding memories that come with it.  If you are selling or donating the dress, the most respectful thing to do is take the same care of it as you would were it your own.  You will also get a better price ion your wedding gown if it has been cleaned and preserved. 

Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistsTM can help keep your dress in pristine condition, no matter what your future plans are for it.

Wedding Gown Cleaning in Birmingham AL

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