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Different Types of Wedding Dress Bustles

Posted by David Whitehurst on May 31, 2011

French Bustle   Double resized 600

This is a Triple  French Bustle

Wedding dress bustles are intended to help you move around more freely with a long train.   Bustles can also give your wedding dress a different look and protect it from fabric abrasion and mis-steps from your guests. 



There are many different types of wedding dress bustles to choose from, depending on your tastes and preferences.  Bustles can be expensive or inexpensive, simple or complex.  An experienced wedding gown alterations specialist should be used to handle your bustle.

Here are four of the more popular styles of wedding dress bustles.

The Overbustle

Three Point Over Bustle resized 600An overbustle is a subtle and affordable way to give the back of your wedding dress a little flare, and is titled as such because it bustles up over the dress.  There are two popular types of overbustle, and those are a one-point and a three-point. 

A one-point overbustle is good for a wedding gown made up of light fabric, as heavier materials would put too much strain on the bustle and it could end up breaking.  A three-point overbustle is more secure, and can be used on wedding dresses with longer trains.

The photo to the right is a three-point overbustle.


The French Bustle

French Bustle resized 600

The French Bustle is a very popular and is great for full wedding gowns with lengthy trains.  The bustle is secured with ribbons on the inside of the dress, and can have anywhere from two to twenty five different points.  The bustles designed with more points will have a more dramatic affect, and can create a cascading “whipped cream bustle” that is very elegant and showy. 

I suggest always having more than one point to make your bustle more secure.




The Ballroom Bustle

Wedding dress with a Ballroom BustleThis classy wedding gown bustle qualifies as an overbustle, but is in a category by itself because of the regal affect it creates.  With several points securing the train at multiple places along the dress, this style can turn a long train into an intricate skirt, with a pronounced backside that can bring the dress into a more traditional style of wedding gown.  There are a variety of ballroom bustle styles so be sure to arrange for the point placement to be sure to get the design you are looking for.



The Underbustle

Under Bustle resized 600

The counterpart to the overbustle, this style of bustle is created by points that are secured from the inside of the wedding dress.  Many brides prefer this type to the overbustle because it is more hidden and more secure.  It also creates a totally different look, while securing the train in a similar way.





Collect samples of the types of bustle you want for your wedding dress.  Discuss your desire with your wedding gown seamstress and have your wedding gown with you before deciding on the style that is right for you and your dress.

One final suggestion about a bustle.  If you are going to walk down the aisle with a full train and then bustle the train for your reception, be sure to practice fastening your bustle with your Brides Maids.  It can be a simple or a complex bustle but you need to practice before your wedding.



Wedding Dress Alterations in Birmingham Alabama

Get Wedding Dress Alterations from a Specialist. 

From simple hems, to adding a bustle, altering the bodice to a redesign of a vintage gown.  We can do it and you can relax.

Learn more about our wedding dress alterations services here from Champion Wedding Gown Specialist in Birmingham, Alabama.

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