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Five Ways To Keep Your Wedding Dress White Before the Wedding

Posted by David Whitehurst on June 9, 2011

Protect Your Wedding Dress Before Your Wedding

Here Are Some Common Sense Ways To Protect Your Wedding Dress Before Your Wedding

Many brides are curious about how to take care of their wedding dress during the time leading up to their wedding.  Most women have a wedding dress chosen and paid for far in advance of the wedding, leaving months before it is actually needed.  A lot can happen in these months, and the last thing you want is to have to worry about ruining the wedding gown before the wedding!

Covering Your Wedding Dress

In a previous blog we talked about different ways that you can protect the wedding dress through packaging.  Something as simple as a white cotton sheet extending under and over the wedding dress and pinned to inself is a simple and inexpensive approach.  You can also get muslin bag to help keep the wedding gown white.  Muslin is a clean, breathable cotton that is great for protecting wedding dresses.  These are both good ideas, as many delicate fabrics used in wedding dresses can become discolored when improperly stored.


Storing Your Wedding Dress

Once you have your wedding covered, you need to store it where the heat, moisture and sunlight can do no damage.  A closet in the main living area of your home is fine.  But be sure it's protected from kids and pets.


Wearing Your Wedding Dress Before Your Wedding

There are other steps you can take to keep your wedding dress white during the time leading up to the wedding.  Storing your wedding gown is important, of course, but what about those times when you need to take it out of storage for gown alterations or for photographs? If your wedding dress has a bustle that want to take up after the ceremony, you need to practice this process before the wedding.

One thing to keep in mind is to be very careful with makeup when you are trying the dress on for any reason, such as for your wedding photographs and your wedding dress alterations.  Keep the fabric far away from your face when putting the dress on to prevent rub-off.  In fact, many brides feel that you're better safe than sorry, and choose not to wear any make-up when wearing the dress pMakeup Masks Will Protect A Wedding Dressrior to the actual wedding day.  Of course, this doesn't work for your wedding photo session.  There is always a makeup mask to protect the wedding dress.  Make-up rubbing off on the wedding gown is a very easy way to stain it, giving you one more thing to deal with during the hectic time of planning your wedding.


Similar to the problem of make-up on a wedding gown is that of hair products.  We don't recommend spraying hair spray in the area of the dress prior to the wedding or using any gels that will drip or rub off onto the dress.  Also, if you are using a tanning lotion prior to the wedding make sure that it is settled before trying on your dress.  This is a sure way to cause a stain or discoloration.


Eating and Drinking In your Dress Before Your Wedding

Lastly, while this should go without saying, don’t drink coffee or other temperamental liquids during your rehearsal or alterations!  You may be tempted to try and get away with a sip here and there, but it's not worth it!  You can wait until after your adjustments to get your caffeine fix, and you will be you happy you did.

And of course you should avoid eating anything while wearing your dress before your wedding.  A cupcake with a little white icing that gets on your dress may turn yellow or brown in a week or two before your wedding.  So avoid eating while wearing your dress around food.  The same goes for anyone helping you with your dress.  Insist on clean hands, and cotton gloves would be great, while handling your wedding dress and you'll end up with a white dress...without yellow of brown polka dot stains.


Cleaning Your Wedding Dress Before Your Wedding

If your wedding dress has been handled and worn a lot before your wedding, you may need to have it cleaned and pressed before your wedding.  Check the hem line, especially the outside of the dress for soil and grass stain.  Check for makeup and perspiration stains.  If you have noticeable stains, find your local Certified Wedding Gown Specialist(TM). Many wedding gown specialists will make a special deal for cleaning and preserving your wedding dress after your wedding when cleaning and pressing it before your wedding.  I know we do this all the time.

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