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Posted by David Whitehurst on June 16, 2011

Lace Wedding Dress resized 600

Lace Wedding Dress

Every bride has an idea in her head about what the perfect wedding dress should look like.  Often, while exploring the possibilities, this idea will evolve based on style, fit, and fabric. 

No matter the look you are going for, however, it is likely that you will be looking at a variation of fabrics in order to get the perfect wedding gown.  This article will go over some of the more common fabrics used to create unforgettable wedding dresses.

Every fabric is created by a fiber woven into a specific fabric.  Wedding gowns are typically made of either polyester, rayon, nylon or silk.  Variations in the weave will create the fabric.


While many people may think of delicious desserts when they hear the word chiffon, this term also describes a delicate fabric that is used to make wedding gowns.  Usually made from real or synthetic silk, chiffon is a sheer fabric that completes the outer layer of a wedding dress, giving it a glossy sheen that really makes the bride stand out.  Many brides prefer chiffon because of its flexibility, making it easy to move around in, and it feels nice on the skin.



It is fair to say that the majority of wedding gowns contain at least a little lace, but some contain more than others.  There are many different types of lace, and many different ways to use it, including to layer a skirt, on sleeves or shoulder straps, on a veil, or to decorate the outside of the dress.



One of the most elegant fabrics, satin has been associated with class and glamour since its popular introduction into the fashion world.  Because it is lightweight, many brides prefer this material because it makes for comfortable and flowing wedding dresses.  Satin, however, can wrinkle very easily, which can lead to unsightly bulges on the day of the wedding.  Be sure to store your satin wedding dress with care before your wedding, or visit a certified wedding gown specialist to bring it to top quality before the big day!



Taffeta is a stiff fabric that many brides like because of its ability to shape the form of the body.  It gives wedding gowns a luxurious feel, while also creating a swishing sound that many brides enjoy hearing as they walk down the aisle.  Wrinkling can be an issue with taffeta, and ironing is very bad for this delicate fabric, so you will need to visit the dry cleaner in order to preserve its seamless look.


With any of these fabrics, I recommend visiting a certified wedding gown preservation specialist in order to clean and press or steam wedding dresses.  You need to know what you are doing if you try to clean wedding dresses at home.  Your results could be disastrous!

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