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Tips to Preserve Silk Wedding Gowns

Posted by David Whitehurst on June 14, 2011

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Caring For Silk Wedding Gowns So They Will Last A Lifetime

Silk is a very popular fabric to use in a wedding gown because it is lightweight and elegant.  However, silk is very delicate and requires special care.

Here are some tips that will guide you in keeping your silk wedding dress looking great for your wedding and for years after.

  • If you find your wedding dress has a major stain, don’t use strong detergents on your silk wedding gown, as it could cause irreparable harm.  In fact, don't try to clean a major stain from your wedding dress yourself.  Find a reputable wedding gown cleaning specialist in order to see the best results.  If you have a minor stain that is not very apparent on your silk wedding gown, try using a little denatured alcohol with a white cotton towel.  But be careful and don’t rub the silk…blot only.
  • Unlike some other wedding gowns, we don't recommend you store your silk dress on a hanger after preservation.  This is especially true if the design of the dress includes subtle creases.  The light weight and elastic nature of silks means that these creases will not be held when affected by gravity, so it is best to preserve and store these garments in a 100% acid-free preservation box.
  • Silk can be very temperamental, and can be damaged by extreme changes in temperature.  Store your wedding dress in an area that doesn't experience extreme heats or colds, as this could harm the delicate fabrics of the design.
  • With any wedding dress it is best to avoid direct sunlight, but this is especially true for silk dresses.  Silk will experience discoloration from prolonged exposure to the sun, and it may not be possible to return the fabric to its original sheen, even with the help of a wedding gown cleaning and preservation specialist.
  • If you find that your silk gown requires pressing before your wedding day, be very careful. While a wedding gown specialist is the best choice for getting your dress to top quality, it is possible to do some basic pressing at home.  Be sure to use a dry iron, and choose the silk setting.  While steam can be used on some heavier silk wedding gowns, finer designs could respond to steam with shrinkage and puckering.  Be careful to keep water away from your silk wedding dress.
  • Silk is incredibly fragile when it comes to alcohol based substances.  Be sure to avoid damage from hairspray and perfume while preparing for your wedding and photo session. The same goes for other chemical products, such as make-up, nail polish, or nail polish remover.


No matter how hard we try to take perfect care of a wedding gown, sometimes stuff happens!  But that doesn't mean your gown is ruined, as wedding dress preservation and restoration techniques can often be used to return a garment close to its original beauty.  Be careful, but don't lose hope if you notice problems with your dress!  Find a certified wedding gown specialist here for your best chance at keeping your silk wedding gown in great shape for generations.

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