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More Common Wedding Dress Stains

Posted by David Whitehurst on June 21, 2011

Chocolate stains on a wedding dress resized 600

Chocolate stains on a wedding dress.

How should you deal with chocolate or candle stains on a wedding dress?  Here are some ideas.

Throughout this blog, I have discussed a number of common wedding dress stains and how to deal with them or protect against them.  Unfortunately, there are even more! Here are a couple of articles I have written on this subject recently:

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White materials are vulnerable in any scenario, but when we use delicate fabrics and combine them with an exciting party with food and drink, they are even more vulnerable!  Luckily, we are here to help you prepare for all the possible damage that can happen to your precious wedding gown.


Most weddings will include chocolate in some form; whether it is in the cake, in candy form, or in the impressive design of a towering chocolate fountain.  Any of these items can pose a risk to pristine wedding dresses, while chocolate fountains, in particular, present the danger of splashing and dripping. 


It's better to avoid these types of stains all together, so try to lean forward while eating, or even bring the plate right up to your mouth to avoid spilling on the wedding gown.


Even with precautions, accidents can happen.  Chocolate is a difficult substance to clean.  But there are some things you can do to a polyester wedding dress to make the process easier, or even eliminate the problem yourself without the help of a professional wedding dress cleaner. I recommend seeking professional help for a chocolate stain on a silk wedding dress.


Start by first gently removing any excess chocolate with a spoon.  No matter what fabric is used in your wedding dress, you want to remove as much of the excess chocolate as possible.  Then, on a polyester wedding dress, try soaking the blotched area with cold water to loosen the stain and lift the protein residue of the chocolate.  Use a diluted dish washing liquid to dab the area, but avoid aggressive scrubbing as this will spread the stain and could damage your wedding dress.  If the stain is light, this might be enough.  Deeper stains on polyester wedding dresses or most stains on silk wedding dresses, however, will require professional care.


You can also try to cover the stain with baby powder.  Covering rather than attempting to remove a stain may be the safer strategy for dealing with the problem, especially when the stain is small.


Candle Wax

Candles are a lovely addition to any event, but they are particularly popular at weddings because they offer a romantic ambiance.  Wax is one of the most difficult substances to remove from garments, however, and it can be a problem if you get wax on your wedding dress.  If this happens to you, the first thing you will want to do is put your dress in the freezer.  It may seem weird, but this will help solidify the wax to prevent spreading the damage.  Only leave it in there for a few hours, and then chip the wax away with a finger nail or a spoon.


Next, get a clean towel that you don't mind damaging, and get your iron ready.  Once the iron is hot, place the towel on the stained area of your wedding dress and place the iron on top of it.  Let it sit for around 30 seconds, and hopefully you will find that the wax has transferred from your wedding gown to the towel.


And remember...the wedding is about YOU and not your wedding dress.  It's perfectly OK to deal with wedding dress stains before or after your wedding...and not during your wedding.

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