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More Popular Wedding Dress Fabrics

Posted by David Whitehurst on June 23, 2011

Silk wedding dressess resized 600 

Silk Wedding Dress

This is the second part of an article about the more popular fabrics used in creating wedding dresses. 

Wedding dresses are known for being elaborately beautiful, and delicate fabrics and materials are required to give them that look.  From sleek and elegant to full and puffy, each wedding gown uses unique fabrics and accessories to give it the elegant look necessary to help the bride look special. 


Wedding dresses are one of the focal points of every wedding.  Picking just the right wedding dress is an exciting part of the entire wedding process.  So jump on the search and enjoy yourself.


Organza organza wedding dress with long train resized 600

This fabric is known for its toughness, as it is heavy and form-fitting.  It is also usually very bright, which offers brides the vibrant, eye-catching white that they hope for in a wedding gown.  Organza is very popular among French brides, as it is common among French designers.



Silk is popular among brides that value comfort and elegance.  There are few fabrics that rival a silk wedding dress when it comes to softness, and this material is very pleasant against the skin.  Comfort is important in a wedding gown because, despite the fact that you may only wear it once, you will be wearing it for a long time, and you will probably want to dance in it!



Batiste Wedding Hankerchief resized 600This fabric is similar to lace in that it is transparent.  It is also lightweight, but tends to be softer than many laces.  Batiste can be used to decorate the outer layer of a wedding dress, or to give the skirt volume from underneath.  It is also used as a handkerchief keepsake as in this photo.



Crepe fabric is characterized by its crinkled texture.  Many brides fear the word crepe white wedding dress resized 600“wrinkles,” hoping instead to hear “smooth.”  Wrinkles can be quite wonderful when designed with purpose, however, and this material is perfect for those brides looking to give their wedding gown a bit of textural body.  It is especially beneficial for those looking to highlight certain curves, or for those who want a subtle abstraction from the completely clean look of many other wedding dress fabrics.






brocade wedding dresses vera wang W1054.210x315 resized 600This heavy fabric is popular for winter brides, as it offers more warmth than other materials.  Those looking for a heavily decorated dress will also like brocade, as it is usually used to compensate for external embellishments.  The texture of this fabric is slightly raised, offering the perfect base for a wealth of decorations and accessories.




No matter what the fabric, the wedding dress is an important part of your wedding.  But if something goes wrong with the dress before, during or after your wedding, just remember that the event is about you and your husband.


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