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Tips For Spot Cleaning Silk Wedding Dresses

Posted by David Whitehurst on July 4, 2011

Stains on Silk Wedding Dresses 

Dealing with Two of the More Common Stains - Wine and Lipstick - On A Silk Wedding Dress

Silk is one of the most delicate fabrics known today, and also one that is high on many Bride's list.  Unfortunately, the temperamental nature of this fabric can be dangerous around wedding time, so here are some tips for spot cleaning silk wedding dresses to help you protect your dress before making it to a wedding gown preservationist.

Immediate Control of the Spill

First, if you spill something on a silk wedding dress, the first thing to do is control the spill or stain by blotting any excess off the dress.  Use a white cotton towel or even a cotton ball or sponge.  Don't use an overly wet towel for controlling the spill.  Excessive water will cause damage to your silk wedding gown.  A lightly moist towel or cotton ball for blotting the excess spill will work.  Be incredibly gentle.  Don't scrub harshly or use any scraping tool to avoid damage to the silk fabric.

If you find yourself facing spills or stains on your wedding dress days before your wedding, get your dress to your wedding gown specialist ASAP.  If you face these problems on your wedding day...and you don't have a personal friend who is invited to your wedding and is a wedding gown specialist...then read on.

First, try a 1 to 1 mix of white vinegar and water with most stains on silk before doing anything else.  This could handle the problem with noting more required.  But for more stubborn stains, try the following steps.

Dealing With Red and White Wine

Wine is a common stain found on wedding dresses, so it may be a good idea to keep some club soda handy at your event.  Be sure to use the water and white vinegar first that I described above.

If the wine spill is a variety of white wine, apply a little club soda to the wine soaked area you may be able to prevent permanent damage by taking this step to help preserve your wedding dress. 

If it is a variety of red wine, add a little dishwashing detergent or baby shampoo to the club soda to offset the added acidity. 

Dab the area gently as the wine loosens, and remember not to use large amounts of liquid to prevent warping the fabric or causing color loss in the area of the stain.

And For Lipstick?

If lipstick is your problem, then you'll prefer denatured alcohol and baby shampoo or dish washing detergent rather than club soda.  Combine three tablespoons of clear alcohol with three drops of baby shampoo to create an effective concoction for removing lipstick from your wedding gown.  This is a great quick fix, but you should visit a Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistTM when the wedding is over to prevent the alcohol from staining.  Even clear liquids can be damaging to wedding dresses.

Always test these methods on a discrete area of the dress to make sure that the effects are desirable.  Remember that even if you take advantage of these tips and spot cleaning methods, your wedding dress may still be at risk.  In order to achieve the best results possible, and for the best long term preservation of your beautiful wedding gown, you should have it professionally cleaned and preserved by a Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistTM.

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