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Three Keys To Buying Consignment Shop Wedding Dresses

Posted by David Whitehurst on July 7, 2011

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You Can Save Money By Buying Your Wedding Dress At A Consignment Shop...Or Make Money By Selling It.

Wedding dresses can be expensive these days, so savvy women are always looking for a way to cut costs. The dress can take a big bite out of the budget, so think about looking for the right wedding dress in a local consignment shop or on line.  A presiously worn designer wedding dress in good shape found in a consignment shop can often often be bought for half the price of the same wedding dress bought new.

Although you might dream of going into a fancy bridal shop and trying on dresses while sipping champagne, buying used or previously worn wedding dresses from consignment shops can be a steal and the money you save can buy an even better honeymoon!

Do you have a wedding dress that you don't plan to pass on to others in your family?  Consider selling your wedding dress on consignment.


There are three keys for getting what your want with consignment shop wedding dresses:


1. Check For Noticeable Stains

Look carefully at all the usual places, under the arms, on the bodice, around the hem line.  Understand that a good wedding gown specialist can get many stains out of a wedding dress, but all stains may not come out.  Specifically look for perspiration stains, wine and soft stains and dirt around the hem line, especially where it’s visible.

If the stain is obvious and the dress would not be your choice if it does not come out, find out if the dress was cleaned before showing up in the consignment shop.  If it has been cleaned and the stain is still quite visible, chances are that effort has already been applied to removing that stain.  You’ll probably want to look for another dress. 

If there is a stain but not really that noticeable, keep it in your list of “possibilities.”  The same goes for a dress that's just a little dirty.  A wedding gown specialist can usually fix that by cleaning.


2. Look for Torn Fabric and Fabric Abrasion

While loose hems and seams are easy enough to repair, if the wedding dress has torn fabric or extensive abrasions, these might be a bit more of a challenge to repair.  Where is the problem?  Is it noticeable?  If not, keep it on your list.

Give the dress a thorough examination, focusing on the outside.  Problems on the underside of the wedding dress can be repaired and it won't really matter how the dress looks with the repair. 

Be sure to check the hem lines and train for abrasions.  Decide if the abrasions are obvious. Often they are not really apparent...except to the Bride.


3. Check The Fit Of The Wedding Dress

Naturally, you'll want to try on the dress! Sizes vary among designers, and you might find that the tag says one thing but the dress has been altered.  The consignment store owner may have more information about the history of the dress, but like as not, they won’t know much about it. 

According to some knowledgeable retailers, to estimate your wedding dress size, add 4 to the size of your street clothes.  So if you’re a size 8 in street clothes, try a 12 in wedding dresses.  This might be hard on the ego, but it’s still a fact of life when shopping for wedding dresses.

Some wedding dress alterations can be reversed, so be sure to check the amount of fabric remaining in the inside of the seams.


When Buying Consignment Shop Wedding Dresses

If you purchase a consignment shop wedding dress, get it professionally inspected before you buy it - if possible.  You may also want to get your previouly-worn wedding dress cleaned and pressed before your wedding, especially if it has been in the consignment shop for a while and tried on and handled by many brides.  

At Champion Wedding Gown Specialist, we'll inspect consignment shop wedding dresses at no charge to you.

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